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Mhow: The first protest of the entire lockdown has been resolved with strictness and persuasion.

Mhow: The first protest of the entire lockdown has been resolved with strictness and persuasion.


Mhow (AboutGyan representative). For the first time in the second phase of the infection, a full seven-day lockdown was held in Kodariya village panchayat from Thursday. The villagers strongly opposed this decision in the morning. First Naib Tehsildar took the front and after this the SDM reached the spot. After strictness and persuasion by both the officers, the matter was resolved. During this time, there was a lot of politics about the lockdown. But the administration strictly enforced the lockdown. During this period, four and two wheelers were seized.

The second wave of infection is almost at an end, but in the last days the impact of the infection in the rural area does not seem to be diminishing, for which the local administration for the first time in the Gram Panchayat Kodariya imposed a full seven-day lockdown from Thursday. The decision was strongly opposed by local Congress leaders on Thursday morning over some villagers. They said that this decision was taken by the BJP sarpanch on their own, while no order was issued by the administration. Riteish Joshi, the Naib Tehsildar who reached the spot, first explained, but when the protest started intensifying, Joshi said in clear terms to follow the order otherwise the vehicle is ready. I will arrest everyone. After this, the matter calmed down a bit.

SDM Abhilash Mishra placed a chaupal on the temple outside the village, where both the parties accused each other for about an hour, in which Congress leaders said that the sarpanch and panchayat belonged to the BJP, which was acting on its own free will. Congress leaders are neither taken in the security committee nor are they being consulted. After listening to everyone, SDM Mishra warned in a stern tone that the entire lockdown is in force in the panchayat. No exemption will be given to anyone. You all take the responsibility of making this gram panchayat free of corona. Form a committee at ward and mohalla level in which both political party people are there. During this, Mishra showed some leaders and residents to the video of the negligence and rules violated by him, and then the matter got resolved.

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This happened on the first day of the entire lockdown

Two Panchayat youths were going to Indore to donate blood to someone, but the SDM stopped them and made arrangements for blood to the needy in Indore itself.

When an employee posted in Indore Municipal Corporation came back from work, he was asked by Mishra to ask his officer to make arrangements to stay in Indore for seven days.

– When two employees of Mhow irrigation department started going to work, Mishra said that tell your officer that I am not letting them come. Now your duty will be in Gram Panchayat.

Madhya Pradesh News: Fake soldiers caught wearing army uniform in Mhow, took pictures at many places
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– I told a doctor that I would arrange for your stay in Mhow, but I will not allow you to come to Panchayat for seven days or leave from here.

SDM also said to an army jawan returning from duty that the entire panchayat is a container. You should arrange for your officer to stay. I will not allow daily commuting.

– A woman was going to get herself checked up to the doctor, but the SDM sent her back home by asking to discuss and ask the doctor on the phone itself.

The officer of Mhow Infantry prepared the country's first machine pistol 'Asmi', this is special
The officer of Mhow Infantry prepared the country’s first machine pistol ‘Asmi’, this is special

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– A young man was going to get the vaccine for which he barely talked about getting a slot book but SDM Mishra said that I will get it booked later, and sent it back home.

Reason behind the protest

In the protest on the first day of the entire lockdown in Kodariya Panchayat, another story behind the curtain is coming out. According to the information, some people who served in the first wave of infection were honored last year as Corona Yodgha in which only one person from one party was respected which did not like the other members. The said respected person did not even take the name of his colleagues from the stage. The same thing was going on for the last seven months, which came to the fore on Thursday. Apart from this, most of the BJP supporters who are guarding the entrance road of the gram panchayat are being accused that they are forbidding the Congressmen from going out and not the BJP. This is also believed to be a reason for opposition.