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MP Health News: Can donate any dose of corona vaccine after 14 days of blood donation

MP Health News: Can donate any dose of corona vaccine after 14 days of blood donation


Bhopal (Navdunia Representative) MP Health News:. Now you will be able to donate blood after 14 days of getting any vaccine against corona. The National Blood Transfusion Council has issued instructions to the Transfusion Council of all states in this regard on Wednesday. So far, there was a guideline to donate blood only 28 days after the first or second dose of any vaccine. The team of experts at the national level has suggested that there is no problem in donating blood even after 14 days. So this change has been made.

Due to corona infection and above-the-corona curfew, the availability of blood is already low in the blood banks of the state. Reason, blood donation camps are not available. Nor are the donors able to donate blood by reaching the blood bank itself. Now there was a big concern that if after 28 days of vaccination, no blood donor will be able to donate blood, then there can be a big blood crisis.

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Dr. Umendra Mohan Sharma, blood bank officer of Hamidia Hospital, said that about 80 percent of those who donate blood are 18 to 44 years old. Their vaccination has also started in the state from May 5. If he could not donate blood for 28 days after vaccination, then a big crisis could come. A second dose of vaccine is also applied in four to six weeks. In this way, according to the old guidelines, any person would be deprived of blood donation for two months, which had a direct effect on the availability of blood.