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MP News: Teachers are taking salary from schools, but instead of teaching, they are doing Babugiri

MP News: Teachers are taking salary from schools, but instead of teaching, they are doing Babugiri

Publish Date: | Mon, Sep 2022 : 54 PM (IST)

MP News : Bhopal Navdunia Representative. Teachers of government schools get their salaries from the schools, but they are attached to other departments. Despite having enough teachers in the School Education Department, many school teachers have become devoid of employing them in non-academic work. There are thousand such government schools in the state Relying on a teacher. Around the state 12 thousand teachers leaving teaching non-academic engaged in work. Many teachers are doing babugiri in departmental offices. Although orders have been issued many times by the department to end the deputation and attachment of teachers and return them to the parent institution, but still it is not being followed. However, the transfer policy has been issued by the MP School Education Department. It has also been mentioned in this that teachers should not be attached at other places, but in the state 01 Thousands of teachers are attached and on deputation at many places. In this, teachers are attached to the collectorate office, ministry, district education officer office, ministers and other officials. This is affecting the education of schools. Although the department has issued orders in this regard several times and instructed to end the attachment, but till now the process is not being completed.

The posts are filled in the schools, but there is no teacher to teach

on the portal of the department, the posts of teachers are shown in the schools. But the teacher is posted in other offices. After going on deputation, the post becomes vacant, so that another one is appointed there. Teachers also like to work in offices. Many teachers who are working in ministerial, MLA or other departmental offices, they no longer want to return to their parent institution. He has been in the District Education Center for three years. At the same time, Sunil Dhanodkar, a teacher posted in Government Umavi Chola, has been attached to the ministry for nearly eight years. On the other hand, the teachers posted in Parwalia Sankul are attached in Huzur Tehsil for many years. Attachment of teachers should be banned. Such officers who attach against the orders of the government. Action should be taken against them.

– the policies mentioned in the transfer policy. It will be followed. Will initiate the process to eliminate attachments.

Abhay Verma, Commissioner, DPI

This position is

Deputation-7 thousand

Attachment-5 thousand

This is the condition of schools and teachers in the state

Total No. of Schools- 1,,786

Primary school – 60,30

Secondary School- 22,341

High School – 4 ,740

Higher Secondary School – 3,815

Number of teachers – 3,50,000

Number of students- 1,10,,

Primary & Assistant Teacher-1,890 ,

Secondary Teacher and Upper Division Teacher – 60,

Lecturer and Higher Secondary Teacher- 50,000

the headmaster – 10,000

Principal – ,000

Posted By: Lalit Katariya

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