Mumbai-Gorakhpur Express breaks fire, breaks fire, fires big disaster postponed


Burhanpur (AboutGyan Representative). Rubber cover caught fire due to friction in brake shoe of Mumbai-Gorakhpur Express passing through Burhanpur railway station. Seeing this view, the passengers standing at the station noisily reported the fire. Due to this, there was a stir among the passengers sitting in the train. There was an atmosphere of chaos at the station. According to railway station sources, when the railway employees and the railway police came to know about this, they rushed to the spot and the railway personnel tried to extinguish the fire in the train wheel. The smoke caused by the fire caused problems to the passengers. According to people, fire is being reported due to chain pullings. The municipal firefighter also reached the spot. This train stood here for about half an hour. In this case, the railway employees kept on saying anything to the media.

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