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Politics : Even if the custom of money for transfer may not be seen and no one accepts it openly, but its existence remains intact even today. Since the matter is under the table, the matter does not even come out, but when the real amount is in the hands of fake OSD, then how the matter would have been suppressed. State’s Rural and Panchayat Development Minister Mahendra Singh Sisodia was stirred up as soon as he came to know about the person claiming the transfer amount by becoming a fake OSD. Brothers people have their own thinking that what is the biggest pain in this matter and who is suffering more? That is, taking money in the name of transfer is a big pain or not reaching the right table? Who is the bigger victim, who lost the real amount or who was entitled to get it, but landed in fake hands? By the way, the real OSD, who is always in the discussion in this issue, is silent at the moment.

The throngs fell apart…

Jabalpur news: Mark the places where flooding happens

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The ongoing speculation over the future of the Shivraj government finally came to an end with the promise of strong stability and the campaign of rumour-mongers on the internet media coming to a halt. After the Bengal assembly elections, many great personalities had been inspired automatically that now the face of power in Madhya Pradesh will change, the government will remain of the BJP, but the Chief Minister will get a new one. Bets were also placed on many faces, to confirm which the reference to the meetings of the leaders was also added, but the faces on which the discussion was focused, they themselves said that all this is just a rumour, the result of WhatsApp University. No need to pay attention. Shivraj was strong in MP, is and will remain so. See, when these stalwarts, who are heating up the politics of change, try to create the atmosphere again next time.

Bhopal Crime News: Woman crushed to death with a stone, livin partner turns out to be a murderer
Bhopal Crime News: Woman crushed to death with a stone, livin partner turns out to be a murderer

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Lion’s roar in the Vindhyas

State Congress President Kamal Nath was earlier in the post of Chief Minister and is now the Leader of the Opposition in the House, in both the situations, the leaders of his own party have been coming under attack. Now he is surrounded by former state president Ajay Singh. Singh’s roar is that of giving permission in his area without his consent. The matter is that when Singh was the Leader of the Opposition in the House in 2013, the deputy leader was Chaudhary Rakesh Singh Chaturvedi. Ajay Singh had brought a no-confidence motion against the Shivraj government, but Chaturvedi not only opposed the motion in the House at the time, but also stood in the court of the BJP in the House itself. Singh’s political stature was greatly affected by this incident. Kamal Nath has now made the same Chaturvedi in charge of Vindhya. In such a situation, Singh has roared against Nath.

MP Weather Update: Chance of rain in many areas of the state including Bhopal, Hoshangabad
MP Weather Update: Chance of rain in many areas of the state including Bhopal, Hoshangabad

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Panchal kept on becoming PK

Even though the episode lasted only 24 hours, there was a sensation in the political corridor. It is a different matter that Tushar Panchal, who was in the center of discussion, at present, kept on becoming PK i.e. Prashant Kishor. Actually, the matter is about making Panchal the OSD of the Chief Minister. When its orders were issued on 7th June, then gradually the search and information was taken that who are they and why this responsibility was entrusted? Meanwhile, Kamal Nath also jumped into the fray to defend the media and public relations department. It is interesting that the Congress was busy searching for Panchal’s old tweets etc., that voices of opposition to Panchal started rising from Delhi BJP itself. This is the path of politics, on which Panchal has been with the people for 24 years, so he expressed his desire to keep himself away from the government in 24 hours to the CM and the matter came to an end.

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