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Naidunia Deepak Vishwakarma Column: Listen to our transfer request, sir

Naidunia Deepak Vishwakarma Column: Listen to our transfer request, sir

Publish Date: | Tue, 12 Oct 2021 : 58 PM (IST)

Naidunia Deepak Vishwakarma Column: Deepak Vishwakarma, Bhopal. You must have heard about making recommendations here and there for your posting, but there is such an officer in the capital. Who has made a recommendation to the collector to remove himself. He has requested the collector in writing that sir, I should be removed from here and attached to the collector’s office or transferred elsewhere. It is being told that the RI of this tehsil has done big scandals keeping the sahib in check. The sahib has to bear the brunt of this. That means everyone has to answer. In the past, the pamphlets of the exploits of these RIs and Tehsildars were also adorning the wall of the Collectorate’s office. Next time it is being said that pamphlets will be pasted around the Chief Minister’s residence. So these sahib himself has given his own removal application.

The new Tehsil office in the capital’s Nazirabad has been completed. This Tehsil office is eagerly waiting for the Tehsildar Sahib by laying his eyelids. Residences have also been made for the officers to stay so that they do not have to come to Berasia again and again. One and a half years ago, this luxurious tehsil office building was almost ready. There were minor tasks left. Now this building is completely ready, but no Tehsildar is ready to come here. Surprisingly, there is no permanent Tehsildar in Bairasia Tehsil itself. In such a situation, Berasia tehsil is running on the trust of the in-charge. At the same time, Assistant Land Records Superintendent for Nazirabad Sub Tehsil Office has been made Naib Tehsildar and posted as Naib Tehsildar of Nazirabad. Despite this, this office is being set up in Berasia SDM office.

important responsibility given to the tainted

Collector’s Office The Land Records Branch of India is getting a lot of headlines these days. This is because the Patwaris, who had many complaints and were removed due to complaints, in the past, similar Patwaris have been given the responsibility of important areas. Some of these patwaris are such on whom the eyes of other investigative agencies including Lokayukta are kept. Not only this, many times their complaints related to the transaction have also come. Despite this, all these have been kept at important places in the new fielding of land records. Now it is to be seen who takes the catch or who plays his important role to clean bowl. However, after the tainted got the new responsibility, many people have started complaining again. According to other senior officers of the office, this entire order looks suspicious.

kettle hotter than tea

in the capital These days the employees working here are not deterring the general public from talking abusively and irritatingly. Alam is that the more calm and happy the sir is, the more warm the staff working here. That is, the proverb of ‘kettle hotter than tea’ is being realized. The situation is that people lodge complaints in the CM helpline and the lower staff forcefully shuts it down. When you call again, the staff calls the common citizens of the city. It is talked about in a loud voice with abusive language. This is not only in the revenue office, but in the municipal corporation, people are worried that their complaints are being closed without solving their problems. People are just getting upset, after all, where to go.

Posted By: Ravindra Soni


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