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Naidunia Health School: Diagnosing problems arising after corona with yoga

Naidunia Health School: Diagnosing problems arising after corona with yoga


Naidunia Health School: Gwalior / Indore, AboutGyan Representative. The corona-struck people undoubtedly won by defeating her, but the infection left many physical, mental, and emotional troubles. After infection, medicines, injections, etc. have many negative effects on the body. Yoga plays an important role in the ongoing war against infection. Yoga not only makes one physically, but also mentally and emotionally healthy. In this era of infection, this time the health school is being organized by Nayiduniya on the basis of how to get better health through yoga. This health school will be for the readers of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

In the health school starting from June 5, yoga specialist and doctor Dr. Hemant Sharma will tell about postures, pranayama, mudra and bandha etc. In this health school, which will be done every day, there will be talk on the disposal of those diseases, which have become due to corona infection and its treatment. In this multi-faceted infection, it has been seen that after defeating the infection, people have developed diabetes, heart disease, lung problems, fungus, blood pressure, stomach diseases, insomnia, fatigue, weakness etc. They have to resort to medicines to diagnose them again and sometimes the drugs also have their own negative effects. In such a situation, yoga is a medium that if done in the right direction, in the right manner and at the right time, many diseases can not only be diagnosed but also get better health. Yoga is also effective in maintaining their balance with physical, mental and emotional health.

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Important information of yoga will be available sitting at home: In this health school, which will continue till June 21, Dr. Hemant Sharma will give information about yoga along with his practice. In this phase of transition, yoga practitioners will now be able to get information about yoga from home. For yoga, meditation and health advice, this health school can be seen every day at 8 am on the Facebook page of AboutGyan Health Lab. This camp is free. Anyone can avail the benefit of the Sehatshala being organized for people from old age to old age.