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Namdaz and a dozen others have been booked for assaulting the accused in 4 cases.

Namdaz and a dozen others have been booked for assaulting the accused in 4 cases.


Bamitha (AboutGyan News). A case has been registered in various sections against four named and about a dozen people in connection with the attack on police constables in Jhamtuli village, Bamitha police station area. The police have also arrested some of these accused. Jhamtuli village has been converted into a police cantonment. A large number of police forces have been deployed there. There are curfew-like conditions in the village.

In Jhamtuli village, the duty of constable Indresh Kumar was posted at Bamitha police station to observe the corona curfew. Some shopkeepers were forcibly opening shops here on Friday. During this, constable Indresh Kumar attempted to close these shops. When a young man selling eggs here refused to set up shop by constable Indresh Kumar, he started arguing with the constable. The constable informed Dial 100 on this. When the dial 100 constable Sant Kumar and constable Indresh tried to close the market, there was a dispute with Sarvesh Khatik, who was selling watermelon. When both the guards were trying to put Sarvesh and the egg seller in dial 100, Sarvesh started getting entangled with these constables, on which the constable hit a stick in his head, which caused blood to come from Sarvesh’s head. The atmosphere deteriorated after this incident and villagers including Sarvesh attacked both the accused with sticks. During this, constable Santkumar saved his life by hiding in the house of Kallu Pathan. During the attack, constable Santkumar was attacked with a knife, which hurt his hand. Information about this incident was given to Bamitha police station in-charge Sandeep Dixit. With this, information was given to SP Sachin Sharma. On knowing about the incident, SP Sachin Sharma visited the spot. A case was registered under section 353, 147,148,307, 294 of the IPC against four named and about a dozen accused, including Sarvesh Khatik, on the defense Indresh Kumar report. According to police sources, the four accused were arrested by Bamitha police station. After the incident, a large number of police forces from Chhatarpur, Khajuraho, Rajnagar, Bamitha were sent to Jhamtuli. A large number of police forces are stationed here even after 24 hours of the incident. People are not able to get out of the houses. Police is treating people strictly.