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National park gates will open for tourists today

National park gates will open for tourists today


Umaria (AboutGyan representative). All the tiger reserves of Madhya Pradesh, which have been closed since last month, are reopening to tourists between 1st and 5th of June. Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve and Kanha Tiger Reserve have also issued a notice to open the park from 1 June. According to information received about this, the outbreak of Corona has started to decrease, due to which tourism can be held throughout the month of June. All the tiger reserves of Madhya Pradesh were closed on 27 April last month. At that time it was said that tiger reserves would be opened after 5 days i.e. from 2 April but due to poor conditions, tiger reserves were not opened.

Opening possibility

When discussed with Vicente Rahim, the Field Director of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, he said that the conditions have become favorable due to which due to some precautions, the gates of the Tiger Reserve are being opened for tourists. He has said that the whole month of June is still left for tourism, due to which it has been decided to start tourism after getting orders to open the park. This will not only benefit the tourists, but gypsy operators, guides and gypsy drivers will also be of great benefit. Gypsy drivers, guides and hotel operators were upset due to the park being closed for the last 1 month. People were facing a lot of trouble as the entire business came to a standstill. Gypsy drivers and guides were particularly upset.

Financial scarcity

Gypsy drivers and guides used to earn between 5 and 8000 rupees a month, but their employment was lost due to the closure of tourism. Due to lockdown and corona, they were not able to do any kind of employment. The park opening will definitely benefit the guides and gypsy drivers. However, there is also doubt whether the tourists come even after the park opens. If the park opens, then the expectation will remain at least.

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Closed from 1 July

The gates of the tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh are closed to tourists on July 1, which reopen on October 1 after being closed for three months. This time also the parks were open in October but due to Corona, the park had to be closed in April itself. A similar situation was created last year as well and the parks were closed in March itself. However, last year too, the park was opened for fifteen days from the end of June 15 to June 30.

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These instructions given in the meeting

In connection with the commencement of tourism in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, a meeting of hotel owners, gypsy owners, drivers and guides was organized by the park management. During this time, everyone was told to follow the Kovid-19 guide line. At the time of entering the resort, the tourists of the tourists were asked by the hotel operators to take special precautions on their health test. Similarly, guides and gypsy drivers were instructed to strictly follow the necessary mask, sanitizer and distests for the safety of themselves and tourists. They were suggested to conduct corona vaccinations on priority. Touchless ticket verification and issuance process will be adopted at the booking counters. All vehicles entering the Tiger Reserve will be fully sanitized, with their tire sanitization arranged by the entry. There are instructions to seat six members of a family and four persons holding a single ticket in the vehicle. Security will be closely monitored throughout the process with distressing. M.P. All instructions and rules issued by the government and the National Tiger Conservation Authority related to corona safety will be followed. Tourism in the core zone will be open to tourists till June 30 and tourism in the buffer zone will also start during the monsoon.