Navdunia Column Darogaji: Sura broke into the police station


Doctor: All is not well these days in the police station of the posh area of ​​the new city. There is a fierce fight between the TI sahab and a inspector here. The reason for the ruckus between the two is said to be the liquor that came out of the locked shop in lockdown. By saluting the sahib, the contractor has vacated the shop from the back door and has beaten the profit. When Hariram of Bade Saheb gave this news, it was natural for Bade Sahab to shake his head. The Iyers also told the sahib that a lot of tribute has also been given to open the way back. Now forgive me if there is a mistake. The news was also received that even in the case of the drug representative who was arrested with the injection of Corona, the doctor has also played a game. There are speculations about its offering.

Sir in the circle of green leaves

The officers of the divisions of three police stations adjoining the rural areas of the city are in discussion these days. The reason for this is the sluggish functioning of the sir. If there is no strong network, there may be a serious accident or a major criminal incident, sir remains ignorant. On calling, they say, I will let you know. It is not that the capital is new to them. In the past, he has been posted in many police stations of the city for a long time. The subordinate staff is also not happy with the attitude of the sahib. Due to this, some people had also tried hard to get him discharged in the past. As soon as he realized, the sluggishness of the sahib vanished. Leaving all the work, he started manipulating to save the chair. The old relationship worked. Due to this, Saheb has also been successful in saving his chair for the time being. Now he is on the hunt for the killer.

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will come back sir

After being posted in the capital, the fascination of police officers does not end here. Another example of this is coming to the fore. A police officer, who was TI in many police stations earlier, has also played a long innings in the new city in the post of CSP. Recently, he has been sent to the headquarters after the completion of his tenure. However, the fierce crowd control of these sabers of slender stature has always been commendable. After his departure from the capital, his loss was also felt. Meanwhile, there is news that Saheb has started trying to register admission again. Earlier, he wanted to sit on a chair in the area where TI had lived. After not getting his pulses there, now he is eagerly waiting for the retirement of a CSP of the new city.

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Bhopal Business news: Demand for textile traders, give exemption or compensation for opening shop

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hiding in uniform

Usually, the image of the police is that of a person with a dashing face and talkativeness. It is rare to find a hidden fan in the uniform. Ajay Mishra, Kotwali police station in-charge of the old city of the capital, is currently in a lot of discussion about his melodious songs. One of his songs, which removes the depression in the public due to Corona, is also becoming fiercely viral. TI Sahab, who was posted in the rural area during the first wave of Corona, used to take a mike in the area and appeal to people not to come out with his songs in the settlements. The effect of his behavior was such that in the first wave, the Berasia area was also free from corona infection. TI Sahab, a fan of Sur Samrat Mohammad Rafi, used to actively participate in cultural programs before joining the police. Recently, after being freed from Corona infection, he composed the song and gave it voice.

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