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Needs in the fields but lower goi water is flowing in the Narmada

Needs in the fields but lower goi water is flowing in the Narmada


Barwani (AboutGyan Rep.

On the lines of Bhakra-Nangal, farmers are not getting benefit from the Shaheed Bhima Nayak (Lower Goi) project set up for the upliftment of farming in the region. In the current kharif season, farmers need water during sowing, then the water collected in the dam in the name of repair by the new contracting company is being pumped into the Narmada. In such a situation, a big crisis has arisen for the farmers who sow the fields by taking loans, hoping for irrigation from the dam. On Saturday, the Bharatiya Kisan Sangh submitted a memorandum to the SDM in Rajpur to the Chief Minister regarding the matter. In this, seven gates of the dam were opened to empty the water and farmers complained of no availability of water for irrigation. It is noteworthy that the Lower Goi project is very important for the district. The dam was flooded due to better rains last year. This also provided irrigation benefits to the farmers of 10-12 villages in the vicinity. Currently there are new tenders in respect of the dam. During this time, Tripathi Construction Company started repairing the gate of the dam at a cost of Rs 48 crore. District president of Bhartiya Kisan Union, Mansharam Panchole said that in the name of repairing the dam, the contract company and NVDA department have evacuated the dam, while hundreds of farmers expected the main cotton crop of the Kharif season on the expectation of the dam canals. Including greens and vegetables. The farmer has not yet emerged from the previous year’s lock down. In such a situation, if the water is not available in the Kharif season, then the farmers will be wasted under debt.

If we do not close the gates, we will agitate

In the memorandum, it has been demanded that farmers should be made available for irrigation during the kharif season, not emptying the dam to save them from the loss of the lockdown and the loss of expensive seeds. If the gates of the dam are not closed and irrigation water is not given in the canals, then the Bharatiya Kisan Sangh will start a dharna-agitation.

Same condition of Indira Sagar

The canals, which came as a boon for the district, have changed the color of farming, although corruption, poor construction in the canals is not hidden from anyone. At the same time, farmers have to face difficulties every year due to some problems. Presently the Indira Sagar Canal in the district is dry. After the sowing of the Kharif season, farmers have lived up to the water in the canals. Please tell that in March this year, the canals were closed for repair of canals in the Okri area. On the other hand, for the Kharif season, the canals were started from May 15. According to the farmers association, the water in the canal has come up to the Okari area. Water is reaching the Segwal pond. Due to its fitness, no water has come. With the help of canals, farmers are sowing various crops. If there is no water in the canals of Indira Sagar at the end of the district soon, then the Kisan Union will be forced to agitate.