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Now the husbands of women sarpanches will not be involved in the action of the panchayat in Gwalior

Now the husbands of women sarpanches will not be involved in the action of the panchayat in Gwalior

Publish Date: | Tue, 20 Sep 2022 : 55 PM (IST)

– Collector has issued orders

Gwalior.Naiduniya Rep. Of course, the government had reserved women 50 percent of the posts of sarpanch in panchayats for women. Of course women become sarpanch. But the work of Panchayat is done by her husband or other relatives only. So the purpose for which this reservation was given. That objective was not being fulfilled. In view of this, the Gwalior Collector has issued an order and has banned the participation of husbands of women sarpanches and their other relatives. If no one accepts the order, then action will be taken to remove the concerned woman sarpanch from the post.

What has the collector said in the order

order The Collector has said that for women in District, Janpad and Gram Panchayats Percentage posts have been reserved. In such a situation, in order to strengthen the role of empowerment and development of elected women representatives in three-tier panchayats, it is necessary that there should be active participation of women’s representatives. In lieu of women representatives elected on women reserved posts, the conduct of the meetings of Gram Panchayat and Gram Sabha by their husbands and relatives is prohibited.

This will be the action:

In the order given by the collector, it has been said that if any sarpanch, panch or husband is found participating in the place of female sarpanch or complaint is received, then it is necessary to take immediate action to remove the concerned female sarpanch from the post.

Hence it will be difficult:

Since Panchayat elections are very close. In this way the enmity also increases. In such a situation, if the husband of a woman sarpanch takes action of the meeting, then his video can also be made and the complaint can reach the collector. In such a situation, action can be taken to remove him from the post. Therefore, difficulties have arisen in front of the husband or relatives of women sarpanches.

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