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Only two corona positives were found after 86 days

Only two corona positives were found after 86 days


Barwani (AboutGyan representative). After the last 86 days in the district, on Tuesday, there is an opportunity that only two people have been found corona infected. Earlier this figure was recorded on 4 March. From then onwards the figure continued to increase rapidly. On the other hand, after the first wave, from March 2020 to March 2021, the number of infected people were found to be two months heavier than the second wave of corona. Under this, 4876 Corona positives have been found in the past April-May. Prior to this, the report of 3425 people in a year was positive.

The report, which came late Monday in the district, found two people corona infected. Both these men in the age group of 30-30 are residents of Anjad Nagar. Not a single corona was found to be infected in the rest of the district. At the same time, the report of 1035 people received negative. On Tuesday, 48 people have recovered and won the battle against Corona. The total number of infected people in the district now stands at 8303. Out of this, 8066 people have become healthy after receiving treatment. At the same time, the figure of active patients is also 149. While 83 people have died so far.

Only one person became more healthy against the infected

The second wave of Corona in the district has caused a lot of havoc. It can be gauged from this that the health rate against infection rate in April-May has been able to go up by just one point. A total of 4876 infected have been found in the district during the past April-May. While 4877 people have become healthy during this period. At the same time, according to government statistics, 52 people died during these two months of treatment. However, the non-official figure against it has been very high.

The statement of Madhya Pradesh minister on deaths from Corona, who have to die as they age, later clarified

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Report March 20 to March 21 April-May 21

Send sample 74187 45097

Negative 69039 39478

Positive 3425 4876

Healthy 3141 4877

Total death 31 52

Corona Bulletin by June 01

Samples sent so far 120676

Negative 109552

Positive 8303

Unrecoverable Report 1976

Healed 8066

Active patient 149

Death so far 83