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Other medicines given instead of injection, the condition of the patients is stable.

Other medicines given instead of injection, the condition of the patients is stable.


Sagar (Navdunia representative). The health of 27 patients admitted to the mucarmycosis ward of Bundelkhand Medical College improved on Sunday. However, the BMC management has decided to send these patients back to the government by not administering the Amphoteresin B injection. During this, officials from the district administration to BMC took information regarding the health of the patients.

Dr RS Verma, Dean of Bundelkhand Medical College, said that the patients admitted here were given Amphotericin B injections on Saturday night, after which the patients had mild adverse reactions. During this, some patients received complaints of mild fever, nausea, vomiting and nervousness. The injection was stopped with immediate effect as soon as the information was received. After this symptomatic treatment of the patients was done by all the specialist doctors.

Informed the government, called for new injections

BMC’s media in-charge Dr. Umesh Patel says that patients have been given alternative medicines instead of injecting Amphoteresin B. At present, the health of these patients is fine, but after informing the government regarding the injection, other injections have been called. According to sources, the anti-fungal injection that was being administered earlier for patients with fungus was worth thousands, but the cost of this injection is about three and a half hundred rupees. Due to the sudden replacement of injections sent by the government, when these were administered to the patients, their condition started deteriorating.

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Second injection will come by night

Media in-charge Dr. Patel says that Dean Dr. Verma and other experts reached BMC and discussed with the infected patients. During this, the relatives of many patients also discussed with the doctors of BMC and kept getting information about their patient. At present everyone’s condition is fine. Dr. Patel said that it has been informed by the government that amphoterecin injections are being sent to Sagar on Sunday night.