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Oxygen Bank’s foundation laid from Triveni

Oxygen Bank’s foundation laid from Triveni


Mandsaur (Rep. of New Zealand). Plantation was done across the district including the city on the occasion of World Environment Day on Saturday. Various organizations tried to contribute in increasing greenery at their own level. At the same time, the foundation of a unique oxygen bank was laid in Mandsaur. On the initiative of Shri Govinda Foundation, the target of planting five thousand saplings in the city was started by planting Triveni (Bad, Peepal, Neem) saplings together in the presence of MP Sudhir Gupta. Around 20 saplings have been planted during this period.

People associated with Shri Govinda Foundation, an organization working in the field of environment for almost 10 years, have now taken the initiative to improve the deteriorating environment of the city. In this regard, Saturday has been started on World Environment Day. MP Sudhir Gupta has also joined this campaign. On Saturday, everyone together planted more than 20 saplings and arrangements were made for their safety. Now the target of planting five thousand saplings during the rainy season will be fulfilled. First started by putting Triveni on the sail of Telia pond. Along with this, saplings of Peepal, Kesar Shyama, Wild Jalebi, Peepal, Gular and Neem were also planted. Oxygen bank has been started by putting Triveni at two places. On this occasion, many people including Mohanlal Sharma, Baba Pancholi, Arvind Saraswat, Vipin Aggarwal, Umesh Nexai associated with the foundation were present.

Environment Minister planted saplings in the Collectorate

After this, public representatives planted saplings in the Collectorate on Environment Day. In these too only plants giving high amount of oxygen were selected. Environment Minister Hardeep Singh Dung planted Triveni (Bad, Neem, Peepal) in the Collectorate premises. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan also launched the Ankur campaign on World Environment Day through video conference. During this, Environment Minister Hardeep Singh Dung, MP Sudhir Gupta, MLA Yashpal Singh Sisodia, Collector Manoj Pushp, Zip CEO Rishab Gupta were also present from Mandsaur NIC room. Environment Minister Dung informed that Ankur program has been started with the aim of making the environment clean and enriching the nature with life by increasing the green area of ​​the state with the cooperation of the people. In this, to encourage the general public for tree plantation, the selected winners who plant saplings will be honored with Pranavayu Award. The person participating in the program planted at least one sapling from his own resource and uploaded it through the photo app. Now after thirty days, again after uploading a new photo of the plant, the participation certificate can be downloaded. District wise selected winners will be honored with Pranavayu Awards. The Chief Minister will provide the certificate in this.

Lockdown in Mandsaur: Corona curfew extended for 8 days in Mandsaur

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Villagers planted saplings in Salaria

Salaria. Plantation was done in village Salaria. Mandal media in-charge Ramesh Porwal, BJP workers Nagusinh Rathore, Bhagirath Kharol, Mahendra Singh Rathore, Pappu Kharol, Mahesh Porwal, Dashrath Kharol, Nitesh Porwal, Samarth Kharol etc. were present.

Plantation of saplings in excellent school

Plantation was done by the teachers in Malhargarhan Excellence School. So that nature is always green and we get oxygen. Many teachers including teacher Lalit Kumawat, Jan Shikshak Charan Singh Jat, Dhanraj Kumawat, Prakashchandra Mohre, Rajveer Singh were present.

Mandsaur Crime News: The banquet for the mundan ceremony was going on, the police team that went to stop was beaten up
Mandsaur Crime News: The banquet for the mundan ceremony was going on, the police team that went to stop was beaten up

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Environmental protection is the need of the day

Mandsaur. MP Sudhir Gupta planted saplings at various places on World Environment Day on Saturday. Planted saplings in the Music College under the aegis of Bharat Vikas Parishad and also took a pledge to save the environment. After this, under the aegis of Govinda Foundation, Triveni Sangam, Neem, Peepal, Bad saplings were planted on Telia Talab Pal. MP Gupta said that nature is incomplete without these three elements – water, forest and land. The richest countries in the world have been those where all the three elements are in abundance. Our country is famous for forests, wildlife and environment is very important in the creation cycle. Environmental protection is an urgent need today. Today, what we need the most is to make citizens aware about the environmental crisis. To deal with the problem which is taking serious form day by day, there is a need for such a campaign in which we all take an active part with our own motivation. Take care of the environment around you like your own home.