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Panna News: Half a dozen corpses rumored to appear in Runj river

Panna News: Half a dozen corpses rumored to appear in Runj river


Panna, AboutGyan Representative. The news of sighting of dead bodies in the Nandanpur Ghat of Runj river flowing under Dharampur police station in Panna district spread like wildfire in rural areas. In the rumors, 6 corpses were being seen, due to which the atmosphere of panic was spread among the villagers. People suspected that these corpses belonged to the corona infected people, which would lead to corona infection in the entire area.

On receiving the information, the Dharmpur police station in-charge took the matter seriously and saw the two dead bodies landing in the river and about them they activated the informant system and found out about the said dead bodies.

This has been confirmed by Dharampur police station in-charge Sudhir Kumar Begi. He said that only two bodies have been found in the river. It is rumored to have seen 6 bodies. The police have been informed about the cremation by taking the bodies out of the water. According to the information, there was an atmosphere of fear among the villagers due to the news of suddenly seeing half a dozen dead bodies in the Runj river of village Nandanpur, bordering Uttar Pradesh. It was told by the station in-charge that only 2 bodies have been found in the river. At the moment, he breathed a sigh of relief when the right information was revealed to the people.

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Superintendent of Police Panna Dharmaraja Meena has also confirmed that only two corpses have been found in the river, which belong to the elders of the nearby village who have nothing to do with the deadly disease like corona. Two people whose bodies have been found have also been identified after interrogating their families, it is found that those two people have died due to other disease. Those who have been given water samadhi in the river according to the village tradition, but due to lack of flow in the river, Kallu Ahirwar is 75 years old and Shivbaran Ahirwar is 90 years old among the dead on the banks of the river.