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People should be made aware for the prevention of malaria: Collector

People should be made aware for the prevention of malaria: Collector


Sehore. Anti-Malaria Month will be observed in the district from 1st to 30th June 2021. A meeting of the District Task Force Committee was organized under the chairmanship of Collector Chandra Mohan Thakur. Collector Shri Thakur said that mass awareness campaign should be conducted effectively in the district so that not a single person gets malaria in the district. He said that in the last years, villages or areas which are very sensitive from the point of view of malaria and dengue, from now onwards for prevention of malaria at the sector and gram panchayat level, besides finding malaria cases through fever survey. He gave instructions for their quick and complete treatment.

Shri Thakur said that special monitoring of fever patients coming to OPD of primary, community health centers should be done. He directed all SDMs and BMOs to ensure that district and tehsil level officers and employees of all concerned departments get coordinated work for the prevention of malaria and dengue. It was informed in the meeting that there are 15 such sectors in the district which are sensitive to malaria. District Panchayat CEO Harsh Singh and Additional Collector Guncha Sanobar also directed the concerned officers to celebrate Anti Malaria Week. In the meeting, CMHO Dr Sudhir Kumar Dehria and District Malaria Officer Kshama Barve gave detailed information regarding celebrating Anti-Malaria Month from June 1 to 30. Collector Shri Thakur has appealed to the general public not to allow water to stagnate around their homes.

Sources and symptoms of malaria

Malaria is spread through the bite of an infected female Anopheles mosquito. Malaria mosquito breeds in water filled in pits, stagnant water on river banks, stagnant water around springs, ponds and houses and stagnant water around hand pumps. Common symptoms of malarial fever are chills, fever, sweating and fever, headache, vomiting, and in severe cases, fainting. If treatment is not taken on time, the person may even die. In case of any kind of fever, do a blood test and if malaria is found, take complete treatment, so it is necessary to keep distance from mosquitoes.