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Pond built without getting laborers to work in MNREGA

Pond built without getting laborers to work in MNREGA


Chandwasa (AboutGyan News). The central and state governments have run MGNREGA scheme to provide employment to more and more laborers. But in rural areas, there is a lot of irregularity in the works being done through Gramps and no one is making any mistake in it. Recently, Village Chandwasa has made two ponds but one has kept the cost more and nothing has been done. Now the villagers are accusing it of corruption.

According to the information received, a new pond has been constructed under MNREGA near Dharmarajeshwar in Gram Chandwasa. Its total cost is stated to be Rs 16 lakh. Seven lakh rupees material and 9 lakh rupees labor expenditure was reported. This work was said to be completed on 10 April 21. At the same time, TS was approved on 3 May 2018 in the name of construction of another pond in Chandwasa. Out of its total cost of Rs 26 lakh, Rs 10 lakh was said to be spent on materials and Rs 16 lakh on wages. Its construction is being told to be completed on 9 April 21, which are in doubt. In both the construction work, the village is the construction agency. But the villagers are alleging that the work has not been done according to the way in which the DPR and Steemit were prepared in the construction of the pond. Responsible officers did not fulfill their responsibility nor inspected it from time to time. Quality is being shown only on paper.

Natural hills around the pond, there was already a pit

Villagers are also accusing of corruption in the pond because due to the natural flow of water in the middle of the hills around the newly constructed pond, a natural pit like a pond was already formed. No excavation was done by the Panchayat in this. Excavated by JCB only to get water out of Westwear. Made a small gate-shaped sail of cement. Irrigation Department deposited the soil from the construction of the canal on one side for the sail of the pond. There is a possibility of huge corruption in the construction of this pond in the Gram Panchayat. Even before this, the amount was approved by the present secretary for the shop in the name of housing under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. In which one month’s salary was withheld.

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There has been no irregularity in the construction of Chandwasa pond. After deepening the pond with the laborers, its soil has also been planted in the sail. And by blasting the sail has been made with stones. – Ramprasad Panwar, Secretary, Village Chandwasa