Pray for the peace of the dead from Corona on 14th


Chhatarpur (Representative of New Zealand). The second wave of Corona has done a lot of damage. The loss of life was more in the second wave than in the first wave. There is no family that has not been affected by Corona. Some relatives, some relatives, relatives, friends and close people have lost the battle of life in Corona. Those who have passed away are now greatly missed. His family members are in unbearable mental pain. In such a situation, we should pray to God to bring them out of this mental agony and pay homage to the departed. The organizing of the collective Sarvadharma Prarthana on 14th June at 11.00 am by Dainik AboutGyan is highly commendable. I will inspire more and more people to pray in this. Expressing this view, BJP state executive member Pushpendra Pratap Singh appreciated the organization of AboutGyan.

Health, disease and cure are the signs of God

Our health is a great grace of God. Illness is the name of his being deprived of this great mercy. Illness makes one realize that it is not wise to be indifferent to his compassion, one needs to be eternally grateful to him. God has created a cure for every disease. But for its discovery it is necessary to use his provided intelligence and discretion. Finding a cure is also done by his will and permission and there is no place for pride and arrogance in this. This too is a form of his great compassion and he should be praised for this also. This is clearly mentioned in the Qur’an. On June 14, at 11.00 am, I and more and more people associated with me will pray.

Chhatarpur MLA blackmail case: She used to record video with the help of screen recorder as a girl, threatened to make it viral

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– Maulana Haroon Ana Kashmi

Pray to ease the pain of losing

Everyone has lost someone or the other in this corona pandemic. I have also lost my brother-in-law. His untimely passing is sad and always will be. Thousands of people like me are unhappy. Suffering cannot be eliminated but can be forgotten and reduced for a moment. This is possible only through the prayer of God. On 14th June at 11.00 am, I and my entire family and more and more people of Jain society will pray to God to give peace to the souls of those who died from Corona and give them strength to bear the grief of those associated with them.

Chhatarpur Black Fungus News: Youth dies of black fungus in Chhatarpur
Chhatarpur Black Fungus News: Youth dies of black fungus in Chhatarpur

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– Seth Shrimant Jain, businessman

Praying to the Lord, we will ask for peace and happiness

The corona pandemic has affected everything. Me and my family have also faced this pandemic. The fight against Corona was one of courage and courage. Whoever lost his courage, Corona overshadowed him. This pandemic has badly affected thousands of families. People have become weak from economic, social, mental and family point of view. In such a situation, keeping faith in God, we and all the people of the society should pray to him for freedom from the epidemic. Along with this, prayer is also very important for the peace of those who have died because there have been untimely deaths in Corona. No one who was battling Corona knew till the last moment that he would lose the battle of his life by defeating this disease. Me, my family and BJP will definitely pray to God on 14th June at 11.00 am.

Case registered against woman who blackmailed MLA in Chhatarpur
Case registered against woman who blackmailed MLA in Chhatarpur

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– Pushpendra Pratap Singh, BJP, State Executive

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