Protecting trees is a part of rich tradition and lifestyle


Ujjain (AboutGyan Representative). On Thursday, married women in the city will plant a banyan tree by worshiping Vat Savitri. He has taken the resolution of this by joining the campaign of Nai Duniya – Vat Vriksha De Vardan. It is said that the banyan tree is a symbol of the continuity of the life cycle. Banyan gives a lot of oxygen. It also has religious significance. If the society plants more and more banyan trees, then the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere will increase and the air will also be pure.

Dr. DM Kumawat, Head of the Department of Environmental Management School of Vikram University, Founder President of Transformation, an organization working for the environment, Rajiv Pahwa said that worshiping, protecting trees is a part of the rich tradition and lifestyle of us Indians. In this, the worship of Vat i.e. Banyan has special significance. As far as religious importance is concerned, the root of the banyan tree is believed to be the abode of Brahma, Vishnu in the middle and Shiva in the foreground. This tree remains renewable for a long time, so the Vat tree is worshiped for unbroken good fortune and health.

These women spoke with determination

Banyan has special significance in Ayurveda. All parts of banyan are useful in curing many diseases. Its fruit, root, bark, leaves, etc. parts are used to treat many diseases. All women must plant a banyan plant on this day. I will create a sense of protection of Banyan in the society.

Niti Tandon, Vivekananda Colony

The banyan tree is also useful in protecting the environment. Their ability to take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen is also high. Banyans give life to people in every way. In such a situation, the special importance of the worship of banyan and its planting is natural. I will acquaint the society with the importance of banyan.

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Seema Maheshwari, Govardhandham Colony

The worship of trees has been a part of the rich tradition and lifestyle of India. Although there is a tradition of planting every tree and plant, protecting them, but having a Vat and its worship has special significance. Today all women should plant a banyan tree for a better environment. I will bring awareness about this tree in the society.

– Nisha Chanderi, Govardhandham Nagar

Along with religious importance, Banyan also has environmental and medicinal value. Every part of this tree is full of medicinal properties. This is a renewable tree, whose shadow would have been thick. It emits more oxygen. I am planting saplings. There is an appeal to all the women to also plant. I will try to protect them.

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-Sandhya Thackeray, Triveni Hills Colony

Banyan has antioxidant and anti-microbial properties that reduce the problem of teeth and gums. By extracting the extract of its leaves, applying it to the painful area gives relief and there are many other benefits of this tree. It is very important to increase the number of these trees. I will work towards their protection.

-Dr. Alka Vyas, Vyas Nagar

Banyan is the state tree of MP. It must be planted in open places to save the breath. I will plant it today and will also inspire my relatives to do this noble work. This is a life-saving plant full of medicinal properties, by applying which there are physical, divine and material benefits.

Jigisha Gupta, Indiranagar

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