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Rath will roam from village to village to raise awareness about prevention of malaria

Rath will roam from village to village to raise awareness about prevention of malaria


Narsinghpur (AboutGyan representative). The Anti-Malaria Month of the Health Department started from Tuesday, June 1. To increase public awareness about malaria, malaria awareness chariots will run in all 6 development blocks of the district. Various programs will be organized throughout the month including promotion for mosquito breeding and prevention of malaria and other vector borne diseases.

Following the Kovid protocol in the district hospital, CMHO Dr. Mukesh Jain flagged off the malaria chariot. On this occasion, District Malaria Officer Dr. YK Mahte, Administrative Officer Prakash Kumar Jharia, Assistant Malaria Officer Ashok Kol, Malaria Inspector Ramnaresh Dubey, District Malaria Office staff Khuman Chandra Sharma, Baijantimala Sahu, Ramprakash Sahu, Ramkishore Thakur and other employees were present. . A task force has been constituted under the chairmanship of the collector for the prevention of malaria. Under whose direction various activities will be done during the Malaria month. In which inter-departmental advocacy workshops, such as advocacy sessions will be conducted at the sector and panchayat level. In the whole month, after conducting fever survey, malaria patients will be searched and treatment will be given. Efforts will be made to eradicate mosquito-borne situations by holding village health and ad-hoc committee meetings at the village level. Along with this, awareness programs will be done by spreading wide publicity for malaria control. The Malaria Rath will visit the major hot markets of all the development blocks and malaria affected villages for public awareness. Field workers and regional health workers will be present along with the chariot tour. Malaria test and treatment facility will be there with the chariot.

This message will be given: Change the water stored in the unused utensils and coolers etc. at home once in a week. So that mosquito larvae will not breed inside the house. Mosquitoes will not breed. Do not allow water to accumulate around the house. Mosquitoes breed in this stagnant water and by laying eggs, they turn into larvae and take the shape of mosquitoes. By getting infected, they spread diseases like dengue, chikungunya, filariasis. It is essential to protect them. Use mosquito net while sleeping at night.

Effect of Storm Yaas: From this evening, 15 districts of three divisions including Narsinghpur will not buy wheat for 2 days.

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Keep this caution: In case of fever, get a blood test done soon. If you have malaria, take a full dose of antimalarial medication. Pregnant women must get tested for malaria if they have fever. Malaria test and treatment facilities are available free of cost with government hospitals, institutions and ASHA.