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Relief from infection wave only one patient in health department

Relief from infection wave only one patient in health department


Dhamnod (AboutGyan News). There has been a relief news from the data on the number of patients infected with the corona virus in Dharampuri block. The city health center is just one person admitted infected. While 14 beds are in empty condition. At the same time, 12 patients are admitted in Dharampuri. While 8 beds is in empty condition. In such a situation, it is estimated that there has been considerable relief in the wave of infection in the area. Not only this, the number of patients is also seen in private hospitals of the city. All this is the result of breaking the chain of corona infection. People of the region achieved success in this. Similarly, some more struggles will have to be done. This will make the city corona free from infection.

Lack of awareness in 45 plus

Here, there was a lack of awareness among 45 plus people about vaccine vaccine in the Children’s High Secondary School of the city. While the youth are taking part in climbing. According to the information, about 450 vaccines have been received by the city from Monday to Thursday for the youth. At the same time, after a long delay, 100 vaccines have come for 45 plus. In this, 70 first vaccines were sent for 30 second vaccines.

NCP vice-president Vishnu Karma said that by 4 pm there were 45 plus vaccines left. People were made aware. I not only made 22 people aware but also called them to the center and got them the first dose. Eliminated the confusion going on in his mind. And also requested to inspire others.

According to the information, 119 were admitted in the second wave of corona infection at the city health center. In this, 42 returned healthy while 27 people were referred. Here 149 people were admitted in Dharampuri. While 48 returned to health, 32 people were referred for more treatment. However, the figure of those who died during this period is staggering. 33 people lost their lives in Dharampuri while 27 in Dhamanod. The main cause of how many people died was admitted to the health center in the event of extreme illness during the wave. Lack of space in other places, lack of treatment, etc. caused death due to dislocations. Here, during the Kill Karona survey by the Health Department, 9039 houses were surveyed in the urban area, 30147 houses in the rural area. In this, medicine was distributed to 433 patients. According to the Health Department, 13890 people have received the first vaccine so far. While 3691 people have also got their second vaccine.