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Remdesivir Black Marketing: Driver of wife of minister Tulsi Silavat in custody in Indore

Remdesivir Black Marketing: Driver of wife of minister Tulsi Silavat in custody in Indore


Indore (AboutGyan Representative), Remdesivir Black Marketing in Indore. Govind Rajput, the driver of the wife of Minister Tulsiram Silavat, has been caught by the constable Praveen Singh in Vijayanagar police station. According to SP (East) Ashutosh Bagri, during the custodial interrogation, Govind described Dr. Purnima Gadaria’s driver Punit Agarwal as the main accused and said that a positive report was found in anti-rapid test sometime back. This made him nervous and approached Puneet and bought two injections for seven thousand rupees. A few days later, the RTPCR test was conducted and the report came back negative. He contacted Puneet and returned both the injections as well.

According to the SP, recording of the entire conversation has also been found. Puneet is said to have injected a young man named Bunty. According to the SP, Puneet had named Govind’s name for the purpose of misleading and complicating the case. Police is now searching for Bunty.

Remdesivir Injection Black Marketing in Indore: Accused opened mouth in Indore, suspended soldier and city soldier

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Two OT technician arrested in Remadecivir Kalabajari

Balakwara police station of Khargone has arrested five people for black marketing of Remedesvir injection. Among them are two OT technicians working in a private hospital in Indore. His names are 43-year-old Dilip son Lalchand Patidar of Saajan Nagar Naulakha and 27-year-old Rohit son Mohanlal Patidar of Limbodi Khandwa Road. Dilip is an OT technician at Shukla Hospital at Teen Imli Square while Rohit is at CHL Hospital at LIG. The matter was disclosed by Superintendent of Police Shailendra Singh Chauhan on Wednesday. He said that the police had arrested three people near Kasravad Phata Pulia. During interrogation, it was found that these people used to take an injection from OT technicians Dileep and Rohit for 25 thousand rupees and sell it for 30 thousand rupees. Later both were captured from Indore.