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Shajapur: People suffering due to sluggish pace of sewerage line project

Shajapur: People suffering due to sluggish pace of sewerage line project


Shajapur (AboutGyan representative). Due to the sluggish pace of the sewerage line project, people are also facing problems. In fact, if there is a slowing in laying pipe after digging, then in many places, it was also taken time to confirm after digging the road.

According to the information, along with other places in the city, work is going on on the police line road going from Krishna Talkies Chouraha to Dupada Road in busiest route ward number 28. Through this route, citizens go to Vyas Nursing Home, then the same road of Kovid Care Center located in Saraswati Vidya Mandir is also in practice. Apart from this, this route also goes in many rural and urban areas. The work of sewerage line is going on on Police Line Road. After the first canal culvert, the people of Malhar Garden faced trouble due to slow work, while the work on the other side of the culvert is now being done. Work started in this part on Thursday. On this day, work was stopped later in the afternoon after digging a few feet at the intersection. The next day on Friday, no one came on the side. The Pakaleen machine stood on the middle road at the excavation site and people were forced to leave some of the remaining space on the side. Some four-wheelers had to be returned. Residents say that this route is the busiest, this route keeps the movement of people from the city as well as rural areas. In this case, special attention should be paid to the speed of work on this route. Wherever line has been laid on this route, the work of ensuring that part of the line should also be done from time to time. Further work should be done only after this, as the rainy season is near, mud will pass on the road. Residents say that wherever tap or water drain lines have been damaged, they should be repaired in time. During the work, people should have the least trouble taking care of it.

It is noteworthy that this is a 79 crore sewerage line project. The roads of the entire city will be excavated from the center under this project. Work is done in many places and work is going on in many places. Chambers are also being built at every distance after excavation. There will be no need for a house tank for solid waste materials under the project. Solid waste material will run directly through the pipeline.