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Sheopur: One youth and three children died in accidents at two places.

Sheopur: One youth and three children died in accidents at two places.


Sheopur / Karahal / Ochhapura (AboutGyan Representative). On Sunday, the tribal society’s procession went to Chakrampura from Hanuman Kheda Hirapura in Baroda area. The procession was returning on Monday. The bride and groom were sitting in the pickup cart. While the procession was riding in a tractor-trolley. The drivers of the tractor and the pickup were driving vehicles to overtake each other. The tractor driver’s balance suddenly deteriorated at the turn of the Aheli River, located ahead of Datikheri village in the forest area, about 35 km from Karahal. This caused the tractor-trolley to be uncontrolled and overturned.

The tractor-trolley overturned 15-year-old Radheshyam son Komal Adivasi, 14-year-old Krishna son Devilal, died on the spot. While 17-year-old Babu Adivasi son Shrilal Adivasi died in the hospital while undergoing treatment. While Anay Barati Mahesh son Hiralal, Dilip son Baldhari, Babu son Ant Lal, Vinod son Triloki Adivasi, Chhotu son Murarilal, Chhotu son Syria and Dhara Singh son Ramphool Adivasi were seriously injured.

The second incident took place on the Sheopur-Morena highway near Ochhapura. Home Guard government vehicle number MP 02 AV 1784 went to Vijaypur on Sunday with medicines and other items. Driver Virendra Singh Gurjar son Hakim Singh Gurjar resident Sheopur was coming to Sheopur in the night with the vehicle. Virendrasinh was carrying his family in the vehicle. He was also taken a lift by 48-year-old Bhupendrasinh Jadoun son Keshav Singh Jadaun resident of Gobra Sabalgarh district Morena near Veerpur. At around 11.30 pm near Ochhapura, the vehicle went uncontrolled and overturned after taking three to four turns off the road to save the wild life. In the accident, the bank employee Bhupendrasinh died on the spot, while the driver of the vehicle Virendra Singh Gurjar besides his wife Radha Gurjar, 14 year old son Pawan Gurjar, daughter 11 year old Nandni Gurjar, 9 year old Khushboo Gurjar, nephew Narendra Gurjar and kinship Daughter Sonal’s daughter Vakil Singh Gurjar was seriously injured.