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Shivpuri: Health workers falling victim to indecency in rural area in Kill Corona survey

Shivpuri: Health workers falling victim to indecency in rural area in Kill Corona survey


Shivpuri. New World Representative

During the Kill Corona survey and vaccination, there has been a case of indecency by villagers from health workers. Health workers have submitted a memorandum to CMHO regarding this. In the memo, the health workers say that people in rural areas are being harassed by the language of abusive behavior and abusive language. In these conditions, even considering themselves in an unsafe environment, health workers are constantly doing their services in rural areas, but now they should take appropriate steps to provide an environment of safety, so that health workers working in rural areas This can contribute significantly to the prevention of corona vaccination and corona infection.

District President of Madhya Pradesh Health Employees Union Manoj Bhargava said that a memorandum has been submitted to CMHO Dr. AL Sharma regarding the problems being faced by the health workers in rural areas and has demanded proper resolution of their problems. Employees of various departments are being harassed from CHC to village level and the villagers are using non-co-operative behavior and unsupervised language by the villagers in the Kovid-19 Vaccination of Kill Corona Survey Corona. Incidents of assault have occurred in many places. An FIR has also been registered on this at several places.

Dial 100 saved health workers in Satanwada

Women Child Development Supervisor, ANM, Anganwadi worker, Asha associate, ASHA worker were threatened with abuse and assault by Gulab Jatav’s relatives during the Kill Corona survey in village Dhaulagarh under community health center Satanbada. The case increased so much that the police had to be called. Dial 100 arrived and rescued the health workers as soon as possible.