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Some eight kilos less ration and some ten

Some eight kilos less ration and some ten


Alirajpur (Representative of New Zealand). MLA Mukesh Patel arrived on Saturday to inspect the government fair price shop located in village Sakri. It is alleged that here he took information from the beneficiaries regarding the distribution of ration, then it came to know that some beneficiary got eight kg less ration and some ten kg. When the MLA inquired about it, it came to the fore that the beneficiary was given less ration, but the salesman had only recorded the quantity given in the ration card. The MLA has expressed his displeasure over this. It is alleged that there was no stock and distribution register at the shop.

In the matter, the MLA told the media that the innocent tribals of the district were being deceived in the distribution of ration. What is the problem in giving proper ration to every eligible family. If the government is sending ration in the district in the prescribed quantity according to every family by providing adequate allocation, then who are working against the intention of the government. Why is no action being taken against such people? What have they done so far, who are responsible for ration distribution, monitoring and delivery of prescribed quantity of ration to every family. The MLA alleged that the poor were being deprived of ration due to the wrong intentions of some people. In such a situation, the government should find out at the field level whether the prescribed quantity of ration is reaching every family or not. MLA Patel said that if the prescribed quantity of ration is not provided to all the families of the district, there will be demonstration.