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Sone ka Bhav Today 2022 MP: Silver prices improve due to limited inquiries, gold rates stable

Sone ka Bhav Today 2022 MP: Silver prices improve due to limited inquiries, gold rates stable

Publish Date: | Wed, 22 Jun : AM (IST)

Sone ka Bhav Today 1400 MP: Indore (Naiduniya representative). Due to this, despite the concern of inflation, the prices of gold remained stable in Indore market on Tuesday. Gold Cadbury was closed at Monday’s closing price 52100 per ten grams. On the other hand, due to lesser arrivals in the market due to sporadic buying in silver, the price improved. Silver Chaurasa 100 Rupee increased to 62200 Rupees per ten grams. In the international bullion futures market, the fall in gold and silver futures was registered due to the selling of speculators. Overseas Market- Gold on Camex down in the up 2022 at the bottom 1842 USD per ounce and silver in above at the bottom .49 was seen trading at USD per ounce.

gold and silver rates in Indore bullion market

Gold in Indore Cadbury Rava in Cash 62100 Gold (RTGS) 6500 Sleep (91. Carat Rupees per ten grams were spoken. Monday gold 52100 had closed at Rs. Silver square 62200 Silver raw 62200 Silver square ( RTGS) 62300 per kg quoted at Rs. Silver on Monday 62100 closed at Rs.

Gold and Silver Rate in Ujjain Bullion Market

Gold Standard in Ujjain 52200, Sona Rava 52100, Silver Pat 62400, Silver Touch 62300, Coin NaiDunia Local Rs.per nos.

Indore market: effect of global fall, soybean oil broken

Palm oil in Malaysia has come down to a six-month low. Palm oil futures on Tuesday fell to the lowest level since January 3 and have increased losses for the fifth consecutive session. In fact, Indonesia, the largest producer and exporter of palm oil, is continuously increasing its exports from here. India, the largest importing country, is also increasingly importing from Indonesia. On the other hand, with the lack of demand in the markets, the stock of oils is increasing, due to which the prices are breaking even in the open markets. Soya oil in Indore on Tuesday Rupees and Brokers 49, Soy Solvent Rupee depreciation 1842 and Palm Oil 1400 Rupee breaks 1390 came to Rs.10 per kg. Indonesia has issued permits to ship more than 1.4 million tonnes of edible oil till Monday.

Also poor offtake in groundnut oil There was a fall of Rs. On the other hand, soyabean kept with stockists is also continuously falling due to its arrival in the market. Actually sowing will start with the arrival of monsoon.

loose oil- (price per ten kg): Groundnut Oil Indore 1570- 100, Mumbai Groundnut Oil 1832 , Indore Soyabean Refined 1842 , Indore Soyabean Solvent 35, Indore Palm 1390, Mumbai Soya Refined 52200 , Mumbai Palm Oil 1330, Rajkot Telia 2480-2125, Gujarat Loose , Kapasya Tel Indore 1340 Rupees.

Plant Soybean : add Rani Vidisha 6475, Agarwal Neemuch 6375, Amrit Mandsaur 6400, Avi Ujjain 6350, Bansal Mandideep , Betul 6350, Coronation 6525, Dhanuka 6500, Itarsi 6525, Idea Lakshmi 2480, KV Salvex 6400, Khandva 6250, Kirti 6375, Living 6400, Mittal 6300, MS Neemuch 6450 ), Mahakali 6500, Prakash 6540, Prestige 6400, Rama 6400, Ruchi , Ambika 1560, Saawariya 6450, Ambika 6425, Surya 6450 Rupees. Kapasya Khali- (60 KG BHARATI) Without Tax Rates : Indore 2150 Dewas 800, Ujjain 2150 ), Khandwa 2125, Burhanpur 2125 Rupee..

Posted By: Prashant Pandey

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