Special on 75th Foundation Day: AboutGyan remained like Guru and parents


Mukesh Joshi, satirist

Some 56 years ago, when these eyes understood the letters, there were no TVs or even radios in homes. At that time, in most of the houses of Guadi, the source of information about the outside world was only AboutGyan. The raw eyes gradually became firmer and the new world kept on settling in the eyes, deep… to the very deepest. Looking back, whatever is today in the name of sanskars or in the name of knowledge, I would also like to give credit to the Guru, the parents of the new world. Even today, even at the age of 60, no other addiction has touched me, but the first tea of ​​every morning and sometimes even after tea, but the habit of reading Nai Duniya first has not been left yet.

Many times in long journeys or going to other states, if you do not get to see the new world, it seems that the morning has not happened. Although today in the age of the Internet, AboutGyan has also provided the facility of e-paper, but to be honest, seeing e-paper does not give the satisfaction and pleasure, which is to catch the new Duniya printed on paper with hands and turn page by page. … and this satisfaction can only be obtained by buying a new world and studying it.

With the commitment to the values ​​of journalism, promotion of Hindi and development of Madhya Pradesh, AboutGyan enters its 75th year.

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There is a story behind why Naidunia became a habit. Actually reading the newspaper and reading it completely is our family hobby. My late grandfather used to read the new world from the header every day till the printline. Every article, every news. He didn’t care about sports and market, but there is news, so it is necessary to read. Pujya Pitashree inherited only the new world. Now AboutGyan one and one father and three sons studying it. The first right belongs to the natural father. If he sat down to worship, then he used to come in my share. In this way the new world became a habit.

Special on the foundation day of AboutGyan: When the newspaper turns into a citizen's addiction
Special on the foundation day of AboutGyan: When the newspaper turns into a citizen’s addiction

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In the year 1987-88, when I had to go to Jabalpur in connection with the job, Naidunia was not easily available there. So even then, every evening he would go to a newspaper vendor and buy new world. Many times if he was not found there, he used to study in the public reading room. This went on for about six months.

Newspapers used to come even earlier. Today it is full, but since then till today only one name of credibility is Nai Duniya…. Wherever some news was published, people did not believe until they saw that news in New Duniya. The same trust of the readers has been maintained even today by the new world.

Special on the 75th Foundation Day of AboutGyan: The newspaper becomes blood flowing in the veins of the state...
Special on the 75th Foundation Day of AboutGyan: The newspaper becomes blood flowing in the veins of the state…

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Although AboutGyan has given a lot, but the biggest thing is that some very good friends who have influenced the philosophy of life have been given in the form of heritage, which I am maintaining till now.

‘AboutGyan University’" This student of K may have taken formal education from schools and colleges, but took the real education of life from AboutGyan. The new world has given a new vision to life, has given a new world, has given new sanskars. AboutGyan learned to write while studying and started publishing here too. I am not the only one, but hundreds of writers and generations have created this. The credit for this goes to learned editors like Rahul Barpute, Rajendra Mathur, Ranveer Saxena, Yashwant Vyas.

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