The chaos in the wheat of the public distribution system


Javra. (AboutGyan News). During the ongoing lockdown in the area, on May 28, the officials of the Administration and Food Department came to know about the illegal transportation of wheat by the public distribution system to the cement, barber shop located at the window door. Where a truck full of wheat was found standing. Wheat was also found loaded in a pickup vehicle. The team members seized 135 quintals of wheat and sent it to the warehouse. In this case, the team members handed over the cement located at the window door, Deepak Putra Subhash Chandra Jain, the operator of the barber shop, and the owner of Bolero pick-up vehicle, Gopal Putra Govindram, a resident of village Nagadi, to the police station. The administration team is engaged in the process of registering cases against four people in this case.

Assistant Food Supplies Officer MS Thakur said that a truck full of wheat (MP13GD01085) of Public Distribution System had left for village Luhari. Which did not reach the village Luhari on time. The truck was reported to be standing here at 3 o’clock in the afternoon on 28 May at the shop of cement, barber, located in the window door area of ​​Deepak Putra Subhash Chandra Jain. On receiving the information from the administration, on the instructions of SDM Rahu Dhote, Tehsildar BL Bamania, Assistant Supply Officer MS Thakur, Junior Supply Officer Premkumar Ahirwar and Police Force arrived on the spot. A Bolero pickup vehicle was also found standing near the said truck. Whichever wheat was filled. The staff of the administration seized 135 quintals of wheat and made a panchnama on the spot and seized trucks and pick-up vehicles. At the same time, the PDS seized wheat and sent it to the warehouse. The team members handed over Gopal, the owner of the shop from where the wheat was seized, its owner Deepak and the owner of the Bolero pickup in which the wheat was full.

The team members subsequently investigated the case. On investigation, it was found that about 135 quintals of confiscation was to be emptied at village Luhari’s control shop through a wheat truck. But the wheat of the Public Distribution System did not reach the said place and on receiving the truck filled with the wheat elsewhere, the administration team is investigating the case and is engaged in the process of registering a case of mishandling of the government wheat. On getting the approval from the higher office as soon as the action is completed, the concerned Deepak Putra Subhash Chandra Jain resident, window door and owner of Bolero pick-up vehicle, Gopal Putra Govindram, resident of village Nagadi and driver of truck (MP 13 GD 01085), Dhannalal Malvi, resident of village Borda and transporter Haroon Chhipa. A case will be registered against Javra on Monday.

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