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The police returned by instructing the people roaming on the streets unnecessarily

The police returned by instructing the people roaming on the streets unnecessarily


Dindori (AboutGyan Representative). The district administration and the police are becoming more and more strict to prevent the ever increasing corona infection across the district. During the Corona curfew, action is being taken along with sending back the people roaming the streets strictly under the Roko Toko campaign. On Wednesday night, the Roko Toko campaign was conducted at the intersections of the city by the police and revenue staff. During this time, those who roamed the streets were sent back vigorously. SDOP Ravi Prakash Cole, Tehsildar Dindori Bishan Singh Thakur, Kotwali in-charge CK Siremain, Revenue and Police force led by traffic in-charge Rahul Tiwari marched on foot in the city. During this period, strict action was taken on the roads during the Korana curfew, with the help of people who needlessly roam.

Stop campaign will continue continuously

It is mentioned that corona infected are continuously coming out across the district. For the prevention and prevention of infection, the police and administration are constantly advising people with awareness. Even after this, some careless people are seen on the streets without reason. People are also seen wandering from evening to night on Maa Narmada coast. Police were also chased away from the Narmada coast last day by the police. People are not following the rules even after repeated explanations, due to which the police have to adopt a strict attitude. It was told that the Roko Toko campaign will continue continuously. People are constantly appealed not to leave their homes unnecessarily. Be safe at home