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Thoughts on declaring account seas reward of absconding usurers

Thoughts on declaring account seas reward of absconding usurers


Narsinghpur (AboutGyan representative). So far, a case has been filed against 7 accused in the case of suicide scandal and usury of district and state famous doctor Siddharth Tignath. Of these, four usurers are in jail, while the other three who are on the run, the police have intensified their efforts to seize them. For his arrest, the police have seized some bank accounts two-three days in advance. Their property is also being investigated. According to police officials, even after these efforts, if the accused are not arrested, then a prize money can also be declared on them.

Dr. Siddharth Tignath committed suicide by cutting off a train near the Tatta Bridge on Kareli Road on April 22 after losing property worth more than five crore rupees due to usury. In the case, the police also seized a diary during the investigation, which recounts the recovery and torture made by more than 20 moneylenders. On the basis of this diary, the Kotwali police registered a crime under the Usury Act on 6 May in addition to abetment to suicide against 7 moneylenders. Quickly accused Sunil Jat, Ajay alias Pappu Jat father Ganesh Jat and Bhaggy Yadav father Sukhdev were arrested and sent to jail. While the fourth accused Dharmendra Jat’s father Ganesh Jat was arrested on May 17 from his residence in Khairi while he was trying to leave the district. At the same time, police has failed to catch the most wanted Ashish Nema, Rahul Jain and Saurabh Richaria, even 20 days after the case was registered. However, the investigating officers claim that under the direction of Superintendent of Police Vipul Srivastava, the district and other nearby districts are being monitored for the arrest of these accused. Technology is also being resorted to. Under the guidance of Additional Superintendent of Police Sunil Shivhare, the policemen are keeping an eye on their homes, acquaintances and relatives in plain uniform. It may be noted that Rahul Jain absconded when the crime was registered on 6 May. Ashish Nema told himself to be admitted to Jabalpur due to corona infection, while Saurabh Richaria spoke about the infection of the family at home. Due to which the police did not immediately arrest him. However, after two or three days, it is learned that Ashish and Saurabh have also escaped by dodging.


The property of the absconding accused may also be attached

A special team of the Kotwali police is collecting the details of their assets for the arrest of the accused accused Ashish Nema, Rahul Jain and Saurabh Richaria, who are absconding in the case of Dr. Siddharth Tignath’s suicide and usury. So that if they are not arrested, the property can be attached. During investigation, the police team has come to know some bank accounts of these absconding accused, which have been seized on the instructions of senior officials. The accused absconding from these accounts will no longer be able to do any kind of transaction. Senior officials are not even denying that even after this, if the accused remains away from arrest, then a prize money can also be placed on them.

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The most important arrests of Ashish Nema, Rahul Jain, Saurabh Richaria

In the case of Dr. Siddharth Tignath, even though four accused have been arrested and sent to jail, the police are desperately looking for Ashish Nema, Rahul Jain, Saurabh Richaria to sort out the illegal recovery of crores of money in the case of usury. The police are considering them as most wanted. According to the investigation team, these three accused have information about the big money lenders who used to indirectly make huge recoveries from Dr. Tignath. Police is also getting information that Ashish Nema and Rahul Jain also used to work for big moneylenders living in the surrounding villages including Gulab Chauraha, Khairi and Kisani Ward. These big money lenders charged manifold interest in addition to the principal amount loaned through Ashish and Rahul, but the loan remained. According to the police officer, the arrest of absconding accused could lead to the destruction of a large network of usury, including check bounce and transaction methods.

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They have to say

The investigation into Dr. Siddharth Tiganath suicide case is going on. All the names written in the diary are being questioned. The accused who are absconding in the case are investigating their property. Some bank accounts were found out, which have been seized. If these are not caught, a reward will also be announced on them.

Sunil Shivhare

Additional Superintendent of Police, Narsinghpur.