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Thousands of saplings were planted in the campaign, now the challenge of maintenance

Thousands of saplings were planted in the campaign, now the challenge of maintenance

Publish Date: | Sun, 06 Mar 320 : 12 AM (IST)

Khandwa (Naiduniya representative). Saturday was the last day of plantation in the district under the Ankur campaign. In this campaign which lasted for five days, about 30 thousand saplings are being claimed to be planted in the district. . These saplings have been planted through social, educational and other institutions including various government departments. Planting saplings in the summer season and taking care of these plants till they become trees can prove to be challenging. This is the first time that plantation was started with the onset of summer on the call of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. The district got the target of planting saplings in five days 6876 while till the last day

  • Thousand saplings were planted. Till 7 pm on Friday, the figure of plantation in rural and urban areas was up to five and a half thousand. It cannot be said how much seriousness will be taken for the protection of these plants planted in thousands, but the district administration has fulfilled its target. Raju Barwahe, the nodal officer of the campaign, says that all the saplings that have been planted have been entered in the Ankur app. The person planting the sapling will have to take a photo of the plant and upload it on the Ankur app after a month. Such a process will have to be followed thrice in a span of one month. Be aware that the seedlings were planted during the campaign in July. Most of the plants could not be saved, so it can be estimated that what will be the condition of these plants planted in summer.

    public response

    – farmer Narendra Patel said that there is a plantation scam in our district. Trees have also been planted by billing paper nurseries and the district officials reached Vallabh Bhavan earning lakhs.

    – Rahul Mahajan wrote that understanding who planted saplings in March It is beyond.

    – Arjun Kale wrote – This is a photo shoot campaign.

    – Randhir Kaithwas wrote that the expenses of officers and effective leaders are met by doing such events.

    – Bhupendra Singh Chauhan wrote that April Even till these plants will not be able to survive.

    – Alok Sakle wrote that now the heat will continue to increase. Due to lack of water in the area, small plants will dry up by May. Then these campaigns are beyond comprehension. We have seen the result of plantation done in the previous years which were planted in July-August.

    – Zahid Khan wrote that it lasts only for showing on Environment Day and taking out the commission. In reality no one cares about plants.

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