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Three people turned positive in Javra block

Three people turned positive in Javra block


Javra. (AboutGyan News). In the area, not a single new positive came in the antigen test of Javra Government Hospital on Saturday. At the same time, three new corona positive reports came from Ratlam Medical College on Sunday night. In which the report of a 52-year-old male from Katju Colony in the city, a 21-year-old man from village Kheda, a 47-year-old male from village Jhalwa have come up positive. These days the police administration is engaged in taking action in a police manner. This action of the police has prevented some of the needless wanderers. Yet the police administration has to resort to sticks to send people home.

On Sunday, 274 people in the government hospital were sampled for corona examination. Out of which corona samples of 182 people were tested in the Antigen Rapid Test of Government Hospital. In which there was not a positive report. The remaining 92 samples have been sent to Ratlam Medical College for examination. Reports from Ratlam Medical College are yet to come.

Made four challans without wearing masks and five challans in motor vehicle act

The staff of the administration is constantly advising the people who do not follow the rules of Kovid-19. The police administration had to take strict action on Sunday against those who did not agree after the consultation. Tehsildar BL Bamania, along with city police station TI VD Joshi, members of the revenue and municipal staff jointly campaigned and took strict action against those who wandered the market inexplicably. During this time, the members of the team unnecessarily confiscated the vehicles of those who roamed in the markets and made them stand at the police station. At the same time, those who were not following the lockdown rule, drove them home on the strength of the poles.

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Strict action has stirred the needless wanderers. 2100 rupees were taken by taking action against 12 people who violated the rules of lockdown and Kovid-19. On the other hand, in violation of the lockdown, a summons fee of Rs 3250 was charged against the six people who were carrying vehicles in the city by taking an action in the Motor Vehicle Act. At the same time, industrial station TI Janak Singh Rawat said that in violation of the lockdown, a summon fee of Rs 3000 was charged against the six people who drove around in the vehicle and took action against them in the Motor Vehicle Act.