Tigers in Madhya Pradesh: Now two tigers will increase their lineage in Satpura Tiger Reserve and Sanjay Dubri Park


Tigers in Madhya Pradesh: Bhopal (Newdunia State Bureau). Two tigers who had learned hunting skills by staying in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve will now raise their descent into Satpura Tiger Reserve in Narmadapuram (Hoshangabad) and Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve in Sidhi district.

Both have been sent to Narmadapuram and Sidhi on Tuesday. These will be released into the open forest and monitored by radio collars. These tigers are the ones who were shifted from Sanjay Park to Bandhavgarh after killing a Tendupatta worker one and a half years ago. While another four-year-old tiger has been sent to Mukundpur Zoo.

In Sanjay Park, the two tigers, roaming at some distance from their mother, attacked the woman who came to break the leopard and killed her. Due to the villagers’ displeasure, the park management shifted the two tigers to Bandhavgarh Park. At that time, he was less than two years old.

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In Bandhavgarh, both were trained in hunting by placing them in separate enclosures in Bahraha area under Magadhi enclosure. When they started hunting, live chital were left in their enclosure, which they hunted like skilled hunters. After testing their behavior with wildlife experts, both were allowed to shift to the open forest and both were dispatched on Tuesday. Currently both are three years and three months old.

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Many tourists visited on the first day of unlock

Tourism started in all the tiger reserves, national parks and sanctuaries of the state from Tuesday, which will continue till June 30. After this, the parks will be closed for three months. After about one and a half months, many tourists arrived to visit the open parks. 73 and 51 tourists visited the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in the morning and evening shifts respectively. Three days ago, Forest Minister Vijay Shah gave instructions to start tourism. The District Disaster Management Committee has also agreed to open hotels with a capacity of 50 percent and start tourism in the park by following the Corona Guide Line. On this basis, other parks including Bandhavgarh were also opened.

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