Tourists saw tigress Naina for 20 minutes during the tiger sighting safari being held every day in Kanha Park.


Mandala (Representative of New Zealand). Tigers are being sighted every day in Kanha Tiger Reserve. Sometimes Naina and sometimes Neelam are seen with their children. On Monday, once again Naina tigress and Neelam tigress were seen with their three children in Kanha zone in the morning. Tourists saw two tigresses and three cubs at different times. The tourists were very thrilled to see them. Tourists who come to Kanha say that now more tiger sightings are happening in Kanha than before. Where tourists earlier had to return many times disappointed. Now this is rarely happening. Yet many tourists are not lucky enough to find tigers during safaris. But every day, somewhere in some area, tourists are getting tiger sightings in the Tiger Reserve.

Mastani kept on walking Naina: Abhishek Dhariwal and Abhishek Dhariwal went on a safari with the family on Monday. In the morning, they suddenly saw Naina the tigress coming from the front. Stopping the gypsy, the tourists saw him coming closer. He said that it was a very good site. Naina got a chance to see the tigress up close. Naina’s mastani move was made on sight. For about 20 minutes, tourists got an opportunity to see Naina. When we went ahead, the Neelam tigress was also seen crossing the path from the forest and going ahead. His three cubs were also with him. Other tourists looked but we didn’t get a chance to see. The Dhariwal family said that Kanha’s trip was wonderful. Would love to come again.

Tourists arriving by booking online: Kanha Tiger Reserve has become the most favorite tourist destination for tourists from across the country after the Corona period. These days a large number of tourists are coming every day as soon as the park opens. After the opening of the park from June 1, the number of tourists is increasing every day. After coming here, where tourists get to visit and live the best natural place. So while staying close to nature, apart from seeing tigers during safari, many types of wildlife are also visible. Due to which tourists are coming to Kanha by booking online as soon as the park opens.

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Park has been opened for one month: The park has been opened for the month of June only. Corona curfew was imposed in the district for one and a half months to prevent the spread of Kovid-19. Due to which Kanha Park was also closed. Now the park has been opened. It is happening as expected. Like last year, this time too Kanha is pleasing to the tourists. The park was opened for 15 days last year. This year it has been opened for a full month. If the monsoon does not come on time, tourists keep visiting the park. The unpaved roads inside the park get damaged when monsoon arrives and then the park is closed for tourists from July for about 3 months till the monsoon season. Tourists can visit the park only in the buffer zone.

Mandla Forest News: Tourism will start in Kanha from June 1
Mandla Forest News: Tourism will start in Kanha from June 1

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661 tourists did safari on Monday: The number of tourists coming to the park is being seen a lot. However, the arrival of so many tourists after the Kovid period is a good sign for Kanha in the coming times. On Monday, 661 tourists took safari in the park and saw the tiger. 407 tourists visited the park in the morning and 254 in the evening. According to the information received from the park management, two and a half thousand tourists have already arrived in the week and 525 trips of safari have been taken.

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5 kg 100 gram girl born in Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh

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About two and a half thousand tourists have come to visit the park and 525 trips have been done. A large number of tourists are coming to the park for safaris.

SK Singh, Area Director, Kanha Tiger Reserve

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