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Tractor confiscated while transporting sand illegally

Tractor confiscated while transporting sand illegally


Reva. New World Representative

While transporting the stolen sand illegally in Belan river of Sohagi police station of the district, the police of Chakghat police station seized five tractors and parked the said tractors in the premises of the police station. The authorities have been informed. However, even after the information, the staff of the Mineral Department did not reach to take action till 5 pm on Thursday. Due to which action has not been taken on the tractor filled with sand. It is being told that the traffickers who illegally transport the sand fill the sand by planting tractor in the Belan river secretly and are supplying the sand overnight through the said tractors. The police were constantly receiving information that illegal transport of sand is being done from Belan river. On which the police pressed the exact information of the informer and seized five tractors.

There is a loss of revenue

It is being told that smugglers secretly extract sand from the river to save royalty and are making good profit of sand. While the Department of Minerals and the Government are incurring a loss of revenue from this. The reason is that transportation of sand without permission does not freeze royalty and it is a profitable business for sand mafias. However, only after the investigation of the Department of Minerals will the transport of sand being done by tractors and royalties arising out of it come out.