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Vaccination camp organized on Eid

Vaccination camp organized on Eid


Khacharoud. The Dawoodi Bohra society celebrated the festival of Eid with great enthusiasm on Wednesday by fasting for a month in the month of Ramadan. Socialists offered Eid prayers from door to door. At 5.53 am, the members of the community offered Eid prayers, and then all the members of the society greeted each other on Eid. The sermon was also heard by the 53rd cleric Ali Qadar Mufaddal Saifuddin Saheb, in which the religious leader gave the message of unity and to support each other in the transition period. The Bohra society doubled the joy of Eid and organized a vaccination camp at Saifi Mosque at 10 am, in which the social groups participated in a big way. More than 200 vaccines were engaged in the camp here. The camp was inaugurated by Sheikh Mohammed Bhai Ice Creamwala. Sheikh Shabbir Bhai Thakrawala, Sheikh Shabbhai Bhai Eiji, Hussaini Thakrawala, Burhan Bhai Panchawala, Mohammad Ali Bohra, Maui Ali Barwadwala, Kedar Bhai, Mohammad Thakrawala, Isub Bhai Badri etc. were present on the occasion. This information was given by Johar Bhai Thakra Vala.

Bohra society celebrated Eid by getting vaccination

Badnagar. In Bohra society, Eid festival celebrated with great enthusiasm. Eid was observed by performing Namaz following the guidelines. Syedna Saheb’s decree is to get all the society members vaccinated, only then celebrate Eid. Syedna sa The orders are to be vaccinated before 16 May. The society donated 30 thousand rupees. All the social workers above 45 have got 100 percent immunization in the society. All members of the Burhani Guards were also present for the arrangements. Dr. Yogesh Bharasat, Dr. L.A. Kapadia, Dr. Fakhruddin Saifi, Dr. Nar Hussain, Social Secretary Kosar Bhai, Amil Saheb, Sheikh Shabbir Bhai Mandasore Vala, Akbar Bhai were present on the occasion.