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Vande Bharat Express: Vande Bharat Express can run between Jabalpur to Indore from June 20, PM can show green flag

Vande Bharat Express: Vande Bharat Express can run between Jabalpur to Indore from June 20, PM can show green flag

Vande Bharat Express: Jabalpur Naiduniya Representative. Madhya Pradesh’s second Vande Bharat Express train between Jabalpur to Indore 50 Can run from June. Railways have started finalizing their preparations regarding this. At the same time, the technical officers and employees who have been trained to run Vande Bharat trains have also been asked to be ready. According to the information coming out from the Railways, Prime Minister Narendra Modi can come to Jabalpur on June. Railway and district administration have started preparations for the possibility of his arrival. On the other hand, officials of West Central Railway Zone and Jabalpur Railway Division are also busy finalizing all the preparations related to running Vande Bharat train considering the possibility of Prime Minister’s arrival in Jabalpur. Meetings are being held continuously at the zone and divisional level and after reviewing the preparations, instructions have been issued to remove the shortcomings in time.

PM may participate in Yoga Day on June

It is expected that the Prime Minister Will come to Jabalpur on June and Will be a part of organizing a grand national level yoga program in Jabalpur to be held on the occasion of Yoga Day on June. This time, on Yoga Day, a target has been fixed to make around one crore people do yoga together in all the cities of Madhya Pradesh. In view of this, the Prime Minister will also be present on this occasion to make this occasion special. Here, in view of the possibility of the Prime Minister’s arrival, the Railways have once again started preparations to run the Vande Bharat train. Even the Mechanical and Operating Department of Jabalpur Railway Division has started preparations for the arrival of the rake.

Route, station and speed fixed

Railways have already prepared the route and stoppages for running the Vande Bharat train from Jabalpur to Bhopal via Indore. Now churning is being done regarding the speed and timing of the train. Actually the train has to travel from Jabalpur to Indore in less than eight hours. For this, the obstacles coming on the fixed route have to be removed. For this, the rake of Vande Bharat train will be trialled on this route. Even after the arrival of the rake, the deficiencies on this route will be identified and removed. There is a possibility that 10 rakes of Vande Bharat Express may also reach Jabalpur by June.

Posted By: Rahul Raikwar

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