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Villagers filled resolution letter, imposed curfew in Ghagharla till May 17

Villagers filled resolution letter, imposed curfew in Ghagharla till May 17


Nepanagar (AboutGyan News). Corona curfew is in force throughout the district. Meanwhile, the villagers of the village Ghagharla came forward themselves and

It was decided to impose Janata curfew in the village. Under which the villagers will not come out of the houses. For this, a resolution letter has also been filled by everyone from the panchayat.

A few months ago, Ghagharla village became famous in the entire state due to encroachment. Here the district administration, along with the police, forest department, had driven the encroachers to the encroachers. In which villagers also played an important role. Now the same Gram Panchayat Ghagharla and villagers took a positive initiative and together they decided to impose Janata curfew in the village. Whose

Through the medium to make the villagers aware of hygiene, use of sanitizer, physical distance etc. are being followed. Besides, awareness campaign is being conducted by the panchayat to ensure that the corona infection does not spread in the village.

District Panchayat member Kishan Dhande said that everyone has taken this initiative together to prevent corona infection in the village. During this, Patwari Sharad Pawar, Durga Bai, Upasarpanch Manohar Jadhav, members Jawahar Rathore, Subhash Chauhan, Vinod Aktade, Hariom Rathore etc. were present. Corona infected have not been more exposed in Ghagharla than in other villages, but despite this, the people of this village themselves have set an example by imposing Janata curfew.

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Residents of village Ghagharla and panchayat imposed Janata curfew from 11 to 17 May. Along with this, compilation letters were filled in from every villager. In which it was said that we take a pledge to impose Janata curfew in the village from May 11 to 17. We will not go out of the individual village, except in a critical situation during this period, and cleanliness of our village, personal hygiene, frequent hands

Frequent washing with sanitize or soap, social distancing, use of masks etc. of Corona Guideline

would follow.