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Walking in the streets carrying mobile havan kund, offering sacrifices of drug paraphernalia

Walking in the streets carrying mobile havan kund, offering sacrifices of drug paraphernalia


Mandsaur (AboutGyan representative). Vaccines along with medicines are being used in the hospital to fight the corona epidemic. Here in the rural areas including the city, prayers are also going on. There is an effort to reduce the effect of the virus from the smoke emanating from place to place. After performing Havan in the temple premises, it is being rotated in the streets, offering sacrifices in the Havan Kund. People are also trying to win the corona epidemic from the smoke emanating from the use of cow dung condoms, camphor and incense burner.

The havoc of the corona virus has put people’s lives in jeopardy. All possible measures are being taken in hospitals to deal with this. People are adopting all the rescue methods at their level in the homes as well. But along with medication, prayers are also being taken. In the Vedic system of India, many harmful viruses and bacteria are destroyed by the holy smoke emitted from the Yagna Kunda during the Havan. With this hope, Havans are being done in temples in every village of the district. In the Ramtekari area of ​​Mandsaur on Sunday, youths also performed Havan and roamed the streets with havan kund. Apart from this, Havan was also done in the morning in the Sri Devanarayana temple located in the garden area of ​​Bandiji. Havans have been done so far in about 700 villages in the district. In some places daily, prayers are being offered in Havan Kund.

Khatu Shyam Mitra Mandal performed Havan in Bhanpura

Bhanpura. Havana was performed by Khatu Shyam Mitra Mandal at Dudhakhedi Mataji Temple located at Lotkheri Gate of the city. After the Havan, he made a team and followed the rules of Kovid-19 and put a mask on it, and also visited the city with Havan Kund in his hands. Friendship member Sunil Mali said that a Havan was performed at Dudhakhedi Mataji Temple located at Lotkheri Gate. Then group members Ramesh Bairagi, Manish Taylor, Manish Soni, Shubham Laxkar, Anil Rathore, Dilip Taylor, Rishabh Bairagi, Monu Laxkar, Surendra Soni, Ashutosh Laxkar, Lokesh Rathore, Himanshu Rathore, Rahul Taylor, Mukesh Bairagi and other members in the city Moved the havan kund. In this he gave a message of purification from havan and moving towards our Sanatan Dharma. Ghee, sesame seeds, joe, camphor, rye, mustard, neem leaves, neem wood, mango wood and items used to clean the atmosphere were used in the havan. After touring the main road of the city, Hanuman Chalisa was recited at the Balaji temple at Lotkhedi crossroads. The closing took place at Shri Dudhakhedi Mataji Temple at Lotkheri Gate.

Lockdown in Mandsaur: Corona curfew extended for 8 days in Mandsaur

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Arya Samaj performs collective havan to get rid of corona epidemic

Pipliamandi. In Barkhera Panth, the villagers collectively performed sacrifices in every household on the call of the Arya Samaj. Arya Samaj Pradhan Samrath Patidar informed that 42 kg of havan was distributed in the village. Every villager performed a yajna on the scheduled time and prayed for the country to get rid of the corona epidemic soon. Havans were performed in 11 houses on Amavasya by Suresh Sharma. Along with the villagers, Deepak Porwal, Banshilal, Ramchandra, Om Porwal, Madan Carpenter and Suresh Sharma made special contributions to the collective havan. He also appealed to the nearby villagers to get rid of the epidemic soon by doing havan.