We will fight the corona virus continuously and win it and move forward in the world: Collector


Responding to the questions of children in child discourse, the collector said, they will defeat Corona in every situation

Bhind Collector Satish Kumar joined the children of S district online on the second day of the child consultation program organized under the aegis of Keshav Smriti Seva Trust. In child discourse, the Collector taught the children the courage and courage to move forward. He told the children that no such epidemic was seen in the last 100 years and neither did we hear words like safe physical distance and isolation. According to an estimate from the Spanish flu pandemic about 100 years ago, five and a half million people were affected worldwide. We will fight the corona virus continuously and conquer it and move forward in the world.

He said that we cannot stop hunger or sleep pain from moving forward. No one can stop them by insulting those who succeed. Life is the experience of this world. We need courage and hard work to move forward and not money. Children should respect their parents and gurus. Surrender to your soil should be maintained. One should learn to be proud of his motherland. In the context of Bhind district, he said that it is a land of heroes. People here have the urge to join the army. Bhind has immense development potential. The Chambal Sanctuary and dolphins and gharial found in the Chambal River invite people from all over the world to visit here. Not only this, the Gauri Sarovar here, the fort of Ateer, the Chhatris of Alampur, the fort of Gohad Jats show the unique shade of the people of the country and abroad. On Thursday, the child discourse program was chaired by the treasurer Sunil Agarwal of Keshav Smriti Nyas. The organizer Manish Ojha introduced the children to the collector.

Children asked questions from the collector:

The student Vaishnavi asked the collector, what should be done if the legal work stops due to corruption? The collector said that we should not give bribe for any kind of work. If you see something like this, then you complain. The children asked the collector what should be done to become an IAS? How to study How much time do you study? Replying, he said that to succeed in life, we should not set a single plan, but plan A, B, C. Whatever goal should we set? We have to be firm towards him. The collector gave an example of a Kung Fu Panda cartoon film and said that the formula to succeed in life is yourself or within you. On Friday, MP Sandhya Rai will answer the questions of children through child discourse.

The dead body of the martyr of Bhind came by wrapping the tricolor, the people paid their last farewell with moist eyes

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