When the police reached home to catch the liquor mafia, he jumped from the second floor


Indore, AboutGyan Representative. SBI Manish Lilloria and two other soldiers of the MIG police station arrived at the liquor mafia Rajat Thakur at around 3 pm on Sunday night to nab her at Nehru Nagar. Fearing being caught by the police, Rajat jumped from the second floor of the house. In this, both of Rajat’s hands are broken and there is a deep injury in the waist. However, the police is still not giving any statement in the case. At the same time, Rajat has alleged that he has been pushed by a policeman.

Beat constable Jinendra and Gopal of MIG police station arrested Sunil alias Chhotu Srinivas late Saturday night while smuggling liquor two days ago. It was accompanied by Rajat Thakur, but the police only registered a case against Chhotu and left him in connivance with Rajat. During the connivance, the police had demanded Rajat. If Rajat did not fulfill the demand till Sunday, SI Manish and three other constables reached Rajat’s house. During this, he ran and jumped on the sheet below the second floor. Rajat got hurt in this. Talked to TI about the matter, he said that the matter is not known.

Three days accused of stealing in Doordarshan’s sub-coordinator’s house on two days remand

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