Will fulfill responsibility with faith by planting a banyan plant along with worship on Vat Savitri fast


Sehore. The banyan tree is a symbol of continuous growth. The more the banyan spreads, the more its shadow grows. The banyan gives the message of increasing charity. The spiritual importance of banyan is also very high. Vad Savitri fast is on 10th June, on this day women keep fast for the longevity of their loved ones. Also worshiping the banyan and circumambulating it. It is also worshiped in Buddhism. It is the second largest oxygen-giving tree after Peepal. Also, it gives us five times more oxygen than all the trees of its size. At the same time, its age is also many times more than other trees.

Understanding the importance of banyan, this time women will not only worship banyan on Vat Savitri fast, but will also try to make a tree by planting a banyan plant. For which he took a vow. Many women say that trees are decreasing due to indiscriminate felling. Earlier there were banyan trees around their houses, but now they have to find a banyan tree to worship. That’s why they will now plant banyan plants around themselves.

benefits of banyan

Banyan tree gives five times more oxygen than normal trees.

The banyan tree emits oxygen even at night.

Various medicines are made from this tree.

It is very important for maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.

The right way to plant a banyan plant

To plant a banyan plant, according to the size of the plant, a pit should be dug in half and mixed with the same amount of cow dung. After planting the district saplings should be used for filling the pit.

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The plant should be planted at a distance of about five feet from other trees and plants. There should be no tree or plant up to five feet around the banyan.

Banyan tree should not be planted near the house. Its branches and roots spread long. Which can spread up to 15 meters. Therefore it should be planted in open ground or park.

Vat Vriksha is worshiped every year on Vat Savitri Vrat. One has to go here and there for this, but now on this Vat Savitri fast, we will definitely plant a banyan plant.

Coronavirus Sehore News: Corona havoc... Not a single bed is vacant in the district hospital, police force deployed at the gate
Coronavirus Sehore News: Corona havoc… Not a single bed is vacant in the district hospital, police force deployed at the gate

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Nidhi Tomar, Housewife

We have unwavering faith in the banyan tree. That’s why we fast. We ask for the happiness and prosperity of our family from Vat, but this time we will plant a Vat plant with faith for the environment.

Ankita Thakur, Teacher

I take a pledge to plant a Vat tree before the fast for the Vat Savitri tree. On June 10, I will definitely plant a banyan tree. With faith comes responsibility.

Reena Saxena, Teacher

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