Zero Shadow Day: In these two cities of Madhya Pradesh, shadow will be left on May 30


Zero Shadow Day: Khargone (New World representative). It is said that a shadow always moves along. Everyday the sun is above the head at noon, but in fact there are only two days in the year when the sun shines just above our head at noon. So in those two days at noon, our shadow leaves us for a few moments. This astronomical event of not becoming a shadow is called zero shadow day or zero shadow day. On May 30, the shadow will leave for a moment in Khargone and Bhikangaon as part of the astronomical event. According to latitude and longitude, this astronomical event can be seen twice a year in the afternoon.

The experiment of Zero Shadow Day was organized by Ronald Raas Science Club Secondary School Mothapura Convenor Narendra Karma, Kalpana Chawla Science Club Segaon, Dr. Prashant Bhavsar, New Vision Science Club Ghotya’s composition Bhavsar, Kalpana Chawla Science Club Shahdol from Santosh Mishra via online Explain to the students how to test it. Science teacher Karma told that the students download the ZSD app from Android mobile, in which the date of Zero Shadow Day and the time of Local Noon will be available.

Local Noon Time is the time when the shadow position will be zero and the sun will be right above it. To see zero shadows which have rods or pipes attached. Take his shadow readings from 11 am to 1 pm with a difference of 10 minutes and mark the shadow only five minutes before your local nun time and five minutes later, with a difference of one minute. He has also uploaded videos on his own YouTube channel to illustrate this.

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How to set up setup for use

Teacher Karma said that take a plane paper and draw a line from one end to the other. Stick that paper on a flat board or on a cardboard. Set this paper line in the north-south direction with the help of a magnetic needle or mobile magnet compass app. Put a 40 to 50 cm long rod, pipe or other straight object in the middle of it. Level the entire setup with a level box or mobile’s bubble level app. Apart from this, you can see their shadows are zero by using other materials which are straight like powder box, glass, bottle, box etc.

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Where will be zero shadow day in the district

Khargone at 12.25 pm on 30 May and 12.23 pm on 13 July.

Segaon at 12.26 pm on 30 May and 12.24 pm on 13 July.

Kasravad at 12.25 pm on 01 June and 12.33 pm on 11 July.

Barwah at 12.24 pm on 02 June and 12.31 pm on 10 July.

Maheshwar at 12.25 pm on 02 June and 12.33 pm on 10 July.

Bhikangaon at 12.23 pm on 30 May and 12.32 pm on 13 July.

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Bhagwanpura on May 29 at 12.25 and on July 14 at 12.33.

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