COVID-19 Technical Advisory Committee recommended this to State government last week

The COVID-19 Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) has recommended to the State government that senior citizens and people above the age of 45 years with co-morbidities who are in containment zones and test negative for COVID 19 should be given preference in getting the vaccination.

M.K. Sudarshan, chairman of the TAC said that people in this age bracket should be vaccinated within 24 hours after they are tested negative in micro containment zones and within 72 hours in regular containment zones.

He said that the committee made this recommendation last week to the Department of Health and Family Welfare.

“The civic body can mobilise ambulances and ensure that people who have tested negative and are above 60 years or are 45 years and above with co-morbidities are taken quickly to the hospitals or health centres and are vaccinated at the earliest,” he said.

He added that this recommendation was made by the committee as this section of people were the most vulnerable and also because there was infection lurking nearby.

Currently, a place is identified as a containment zone if there are five or more positive cases identified in a residential dwelling, and if there are between two to four cases, the place is marked as a micro containment zone.

No demand

While vaccine slots are booked in many of the top hospitals in the city, many smaller hospitals and government facilities are seeing no demand for the vaccine. A doctor who works in an urban health centre in the city said, “It is good that they are prioritising people in containment zones. Along with this, there is a need to spread awareness so that people in containment zones are willing to take the vaccination. There is a lot of reluctance for vaccination even among those who are educated,” he said.

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