Replying to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Hum do hamare do’ jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Minister Ramdas Athawale has said that the slogan was meant for family planning and Gandhi should get married if he wants to promote it.

During an event in Ranchi, the RPI chief added that if he wants to fulfil Mahatma Gandhi’s dream, Rahul Gandhi should get married to a Dalit girl. 

“The ‘Hum do, Humare do’ slogan was used earlier for family planning. If he (Rahul Gandhi) wants to promote this, he must get married. He must marry a Dalit girl and fulfill Mahatama Gandhi’s dream of eliminating casteism. It can be used to inspire the youth,” Athawale said.

He further added that his ministry will provide Gandhi a scheme of Rs 2.5 lakh for his inter-caste marriage.

It may be recalled that last week, Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha took the “hum do, humare do” jibe at the Centre, saying that the new farm laws will lead to the collapse of mandi system and allow unlimited hoarding.

“Like Covid-19 comes back in a different form, this slogan has come back in a different form. Hum do hamare do. Everyone knows whose government it is,” Gandhi had said.

Referring to the family planning slogan of `Hum do hamare do` (we two and our two children), he alleged that the government was being run on this agenda and accused it of promoting “crony capitalism”. 

The minister also defended the central government amid opposition criticism of the rise in prices of petrol, diesel and cooking gas, saying that it requires money to meet its commitments but the intention is not to cause pain to people.


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