EuroMillions winning numbers provide two chances a week for people to bag a monster jackpot. The biweekly draws put tens of millions of pounds up for grabs for the price of one ticket. Even those who don’t win the top prize have a selection of others they can net as well.

What are the winning numbers for March 23?

The March 23 jackpot is one of the biggest in recent draws, with nearly £100 million up for grabs.

People could get their hands on £85 million today, and the competition is now closed.

They had until 7.45pm to buy a ticket before the results release later tonight.

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People can find the code on the back of the ticket in a four-letter and five number combination.

Each code then enters a raffle for one person to win, with a standard draw deciding the victor.

Unfortunately, unlike the other EuroMillions numbers, a partial match for a Millionaire Maker doesn’t constitute a prize.

Tuesday draws typically attract fewer players, meaning those participating have a higher chance of winning.


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