are home workers could be legally required to have coronavirus vaccines under plans being considered by the Government

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Health Secretary Matt Hancock are said to favour the extraordinary move in order to protect vulnerable residents.

A Government spokesman insisted “no final decisions have been made” amid a review into vaccination passports but did not rule out jabs being compulsory for care workers.

The Telegraph reported leaked details of a paper submitted to the “Covid O” sub-committee of Cabinet saying Mr Johnson and Mr Hancock had agreed to the proposal.

The first ever vial and syringe to be administered of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine (Victoria Jones/PA) / PA Wire

“The Prime Minister and the Secretary of State have discussed on several occasions the progress that is being made to vaccinate social care workers against Covid-19 and have agreed, in order to reach a position of much greater safety for care recipients, to put in place legislation to require vaccinations among the workforce,” one line was said to read.

The plans emerged amid concerns of low uptake of staff in care homes looking after those who are among the most vulnerable from contracting the disease.

But it would prove controversial, with the Prime Minister’s official spokesman previously accepting it would be “discriminatory” to force people to be vaccinated.

A Government spokesman: “The review into Covid status certification is considering a range of issues.

“No final decisions have been made.”

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