mergency talks are set to take place in Northern Ireland following a week of violent attacks on police.

In the latest scenes, which took place in west Belfast on Wednesday, a bus was hijacked and set alight, petrol bombs, masonry and fireworks were thrown at officers and a peace wall gate was lit up in flames.

A press photographer was also attacked.

Justice Minister Naomi Long has said it is a “miracle that no-one was killed”.

Police quelled crowds of 600 people on either side of the peace line and deployed six AEPs, a type of plastic bullet, as well as arresting two men, aged 18 and 28, on suspicion of riotous behaviour.

Secretary of State Brandon Lewis was due to arrive in Northern Ireland later to hold emergency talks with the main political parties, as well as faith and community leaders.

Mr Lewis will meet with First Minister Arlene Foster from the DUP, and deputy First Minister Michelle O’Neill, from Sinn Fein, on Thursday afternoon, the PA news agency understands.

He has urged all communities to work together to end the violence, saying the determination to move on from the Troubles could not be “crushed by a small minority”.

Sir Keir Starmer has urged Boris Johnson to “step up” and convene all-party talks, as he noted unionist concerns that the Prime Minister’s Brexit promises were not being kept.

Earlier, ministers in the Stormont Executive condemned the violence and Stormont MLAs unanimously passed a motion calling for an end to the disorder.

In a joint statement, the five-party Executive said: “While our political positions are very different on many issues, we are all united in our support for law and order and we collectively state our support for policing and for the police officers who have been putting themselves in harm’s way to protect others.

“We, and our departments, will continue to work together to maximise the support we can give to communities and the PSNI to prevent further violence and unrest.”

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